Report: Austin Aries Fined For Christy Hemme Incident

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TMZ is reporting that Austin Aries was hit with a "severe" fine for the Christy Hemme incident last week on Impact Wrestling. According to their report, Aries reached out to Hemme and privately apologized.

The incident occurred after Christy Hemme inadvertently introduced Bad Influence rather than Aries and Bobby Roode on last week's episode of Impact Wrestling. Aries got in the ring and backed Hemme into the corner and told her to re-introduce them. He then climbed to the middle rope with her in the corner, where his crotch was directly in her face. The incident aired live on Spike TV.

You can watch footage at this link or embedded in the video below:

Hemme later Tweeted that Aries' actions were unacceptable. Below is her Tweet:

Her response didn't sit well with the former TNA Champion, who pseudo-responded by Tweeting:

  • Batman

    Wow, I didn’t know this was going on. Maybe you should have reported a bit about it?

    • Hey Batman, Richard did report on it a couple of days ago, and has been doing extensive follow-ups on the situation. You might want to try getting your head out of your Bat-ass before criticizing others.

      • Chris

        You may want to take your own advice, sir. There’s this thing called sarcasm, it’s a wonderful invention.

      • Guest

        He was being sarcastic…and you missed it.

      • Matt

        And the aware for most ignorant good on the site goes too… David Snay! Come here get and your award you big goof!

      • Batman

        Good reply.

    • Don’t worry Batman, at least two of us on here understand the concept of sarcasm. If only TNA could get so much attention on purpose.

    • The Joker

      I will defeat you

  • Harlie Boucher

    Stupid how much this got blown up and out of control.

    • rob

      Blown out of control go to your job and have a female co-worker make a mistake and you teabag her in front of everyone and see if you say it got blown up and out of control when your on the unemployment line

  • 1molly23

    Christie – you should have bit him!

  • T deezy

    Next time she’ll pay attention to the ramp and the show. And he will not do something so pathetic and stupid. Just saying!

  • doubleb1076

    im sure she got tea bagged plenty of times especially when she posed for playboy several years ago working for wwe. Get over it.