Report: Backstage Altercation At WWE TV Tapings

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There is a report being attributed to Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer publication that Sheamus and Sin Cara were involved in a physical altercation at this week's TV in New York. No other details are available as of press time.

I asked one source about the report, they told me they hadn't heard about it. They assumed it was nothing major.

I contacted WWE's public relations department about the report and have yet to hear back. If there's anything more to it, we'll post the details here at

  • Wasn’t there an altercation years ago between Sheamus and Yoshi?

    • David Jr.

      I heard it was over protein shakers.

      • David F

        guess Sheamus had one too many pints.

    • Tomas

      The story goes as such.
      Sheamus, Ted Dibiase and Yoshi Tatsu were all sharing an apartment. According to Ted Dibiase, who was there at the time, Sheamus was using their stuff without asking and not even bothering to clean it. They confronted him about it and Sheamus got belligerent, threw a fit and chucked the blender at Yoshi. Yoshi Tatsu caught the blender and then BEAT SHEAMUS’S ASS. Sent him away crying.

      • Hynon

        I doubt he cried but how hilarious would it be to get concussion from a blender

  • Charlie Crimefighter Hovey

    Word on the street is cara had the better of sheamus but than botched it

    • CJ Blaze

      Haha! I did read from another report that Sin Cara/Hunico got the better of him though

      • Splat

        Because Sheamus couldn’t see very well with that lighting that follows Sin Cara around.

    • Nick k

      The guy portraying sin car a now doesn’t botch though.

      • Bob’s Diner

        Yes. Yes he does

  • outkazt09

    No hard feelings fella

  • diddy78

    I heard sin cara tried ringing 0800-fella for real and got a brogue kick for his troubles not realizing that when you ring that number Sheamus comes and gives you a kicking.

  • Bob’s Diner

    Wait, Hunico is still Sin Cara? I didn’t even realise the character still existed

  • Tom Mayer

    What were they fighting over? Who was more dismally over-rated?

    • ned stark

      Ignoring the fact Sheamus was and still is very over.

      • Mysterion

        With who!? That crowd noise is piped in on SmackDown and he garners zero reaction on RAW. He’s stale, not over and in desperate need of a character switch.

        • ned stark

          You could say that about a lot of stars but Sheamus does get a reaction and is one of the better performers and do you know who else is high on him Triple H!

  • Seth

    You would be surprised how often altercations like this could happen and don’t get reported because its not a big deal at all.