Report: CM Punk Gets A Restraining Order Against His Mother

TMZ is reporting that CM Punk has obtained a restraining order against his estranged mother.

According to their report, Punk's mother constantly asks him for money and then threatens to commit suicide if he doesn't come through. Punk claims he's tried to cut her off for the past year "due to repeated financial demands and years of abusive, harassing and threatening behavior."

Punk claims his mother suffers from bipolar disorder and that he has given her more than $100,000. She's threatened to release potentially embarrassing information about Punk's past, which is believed has to do with arrests when he was in high school.

A judge granted the temporary restraining order on June 10 but Punk is due back in court on Wednesday where he will likely try to extend it.

Richard Reacts: First off, this is none of our business and I hate stories like this.  Do I run it or do I ignore it?  That's the dilemma but in the end, I can't turn a blind eye to a story that's out just because it isn't pretty.  That said, we're told Punk's mother gave up on him in high school.  She didn't reach out to him until many years later, asking for stuff that is in this article.

  • Justin Lal

    Im happy that Punk is taking a stand against his mother. He is doing the right thing.

    • BIG M

      IM guessing you don’t know any one with bi poler disorder do you IGNORANT DIRTBAG.
      Hers a free lesson for you bi poler disorder is a severe debilitating form of depression which consists of normal happy days one week and horrifying awful lows the next you can’t eat sleep or do anything except contemplating ending it all.
      Then the week after you fell as if everyone around you is out to get you and make you feel worse.
      AND you repeat this cycle over and over again for the rest of your life.
      I dont blame punk or judge him for this it is not easy living with someone like that especially if their a loved one.
      Obviously the severity of these symptoms vary from person to person and with treatment patience and support people who are bi poler can lead full lives.
      But obviously this is not an option for Punks mother.
      Now on a personal note i have been reading your comments on WNW for a few weeks now and for that time I thought you just a typical american loudmouth with not much between your ears and a moderate amount of hatred in your heart but to post something as ignorant and offensive as way to go punk for taking a stand against your mentally ill Mother you sir are a reprehensible son of a bitch and I hope you suffer greatly in life.

    • BIG M

      they took my first post down so ill try again with PG content.
      bi poler disorder is a serious form of depression which consists of big highs bad lows and and a felling of everyone around you is against you.
      It is a horrible way to live but with treatment patience and support bi poler people can lead full lives but apparently this is not an option for punks mother.
      I dont blame punk for making a very hard choice.
      Now on a personal note you are an IGNORANT ARAGONITE RIGHT WING AMERICAN DIRTBAG for posting that comment.
      Unless you know anything about bi poler disorder and have any consideration for people whom this condition has touched their lives you should keep your idiot mouth shut.

      • American dirtbag

        Overreact much?

        How in the world are you going to call someone a right wing american dirtbag when all he said he supported punk’s stand against his mother?Are you also going to accuse the left wing CM Punk of being right wing? lol

        Oh and btw it’s arrogant not aragonite….

        • BIG M

          I know justin is a right wing dirtbag because of his previous posts the bloke is a bloody fascist.
          And BTW isn’t exactly proper grammar either besides you yanks don’t spell or pronounce anything correctly especially right wing redneck yanks.

      • Best In The World

        Your retarted and really need too grow up


          Another IGNORANT ARROGANT SCUMBAG don’t suppose you know how fowl incorrect and wrong it is to call someone a word like that and you think I need to grow up.

      • BlazeKing

        If his mother is not doing a damn thing to help herself, then I side completely with Punk. I had an ex-girlfriend with a mother like that and no wonder my ex-girlfriend was so messed up in the head as she got older…. At least she started to realize her behavior and rectified it. Her mother went on to do absolutely nothing about hers. Everybody has tried to help but *she* did not want it. Punk likely dealt with the same thing and he had enough of it. She’s not that bi-polar if she knowingly gave up on him and thought he would amount to nothing. Now she’s basically trying to extort him. That in itself is just plain wrong and trying to play on somebodies emotions. It’s manipulative.


      20 minutes and Im still pissed off with you new record for someone as cool headed as me you seriously need to take a good hard look at yourself mate your a scumbag a complete and utter SCUMBAG.



  • Matt

    who cares about what happened in high school.

  • Loren Goldstein

    Aww c’mon, who hasn’t been arrested in high school?

    • Laura

      I haven’t. I haven’t been arrested in my entire life.

      • Loren Goldstein

        Well then I’m sure your parents are proud of you 🙂

  • Xavier

    This is really unfortunate to hear about. I can be pretty hard on Punk on here sometimes but I agree with him here. You can only do so much to help someone but at some point in their life if they have too be willing to help themselves and from the info provided here Punk’s mom doesn’t seem willing to do that. One would hope that there relationship could be repaired somewhere down the line. No one deserves to go thru something like this especially when it’s your own mom.

  • Chris

    I cannot stand needy ass people especially family. When they do good you don’t hear shit from them not even just to check and see if you’re still breathing but when they are in some kind of quarrel they come crawling back when they need something!

  • Un American

    She’s bipolar you heartless idiots! Glad I’m not related to none of you. When you’re in a position where you can help others you do it without question. Regardless of what happened you do the right thing. Punk you should be ashamed of yourself as you’re a poor example of a human being.

    • Bobby

      Seriously? You wouldn’t try to take action against someone if they were engaging in extortion against you, especially if they only surfaced after they realized they could benefit from your hard work?

      My mother is bipolar and she’s never tried to extort me. If that makes everyone else idiots, how does it feel being the king of the mountain?

      • Un American

        It makes me feel good that I know my morals, selflessness and my integrity makes me a decent example of a human being. Would you not do everything in your power to help others or do you give up on them because you’re weak

        • Bobby

          You’re the coolest, most superior guy out there. Keep it up, you superstar!

          • Un American

            You clearly lack a scientific understanding of the neurological effects of mental illnesses and basic humanity required to identify when someone is calling out for help. Sounds like you need a few life lessons in the real world. It’s sad. The lack of compasion and humanity shown by so called “civilised” people.

          • Don

            Considering he already gave his mother over $100,000, I would say that he exemplified that “life lesson from the real world”, as you put it. Also, learn to spell.

          • sir-rusty82

            You do relise $100,000 is like pocket money for someone like CM Punk.

          • Jason Harris

            $100,000 dollars no matter how much income you have is still a ton of money that can make a difference in someones life. Apparently it was not appreciated. If you gave me $5 and I said “Hey that’s cool, gimme more or I’m gonna tell everyone about a part of your past your not particularly proud of.” Would you be offended?

          • sir-rusty82

            Its a sickness not a choice & its not just anyone its his mother & he has now made it impossible for her or she will go to jail. The least Punk could do is be honest & say his given up on helping his mum instead of making her sound like a bad guy. Lets hope you never have a kid with mental problems

          • BlazeKing

            That is a complete untruth. Why do you think Punk doesn’t go out and be all flashy? Be he listened to Stone Cold and saves his money. He doesn’t wear fancy clothes and buys overly expensive cars. He wears his ring gear and a hoodie to the ring and looks like a hobo outside of it. I can’t imagine the anguish in his face when he noticed he handed over $100,000 grand to a person that gave up on him. He’s a bigger man than I will ever be

          • sir-rusty82

            Wow you almost brought a tear to my eye with than 😛

          • Bobby

            If you read my first response to you, you would’ve seen that I’ve experienced this with my mother up close and personal. I’ve been taking care of her for fifteen years and I’m well aware of the neurological effects of mental illnesses as well as what cries of help actually are. You’re just being a troll and I should probably stop feeding you, at least until you bring your reading comprehension up to par.

    • Kerri

      You’re either a troll or……..

      How do we or you know for certain that he hasn’t tried doing the right thing this past year & 1/2 with his mom. Go find the full length report where it basically states he was, either money wise or not is not our business.

      Doing the right thing for someone who has a mental issue does not mean you always give them money when they ask for it, doing so every time just reenforces their questionable actions as being acceptable. Ever hear of tough love? Maybe Punk reaching out through legal action is the best thing for his mother at this point, because it could force her to get some help that he’s not capable of (as in a medical) and sometimes people HAVE to do stuff like this to get that help.

      • sir-rusty82

        wow you guys throw around troll so much its gotten old……… his right its his mother & has an illness its not a choice or would you people throw your mother out to if she was SICK his got the money to help his mother he should until the day he dies (I would with my mother) but instead he gets the police on her

      • Un American

        $$$ is not the answer. Love, understanding and patience. What have you got when your family turns their back on you? Nothing. She is not in control of her actions, she is suffering from an illness that alters personality and rational thinking. So I’m a troll for caring and showing some humanity? Nievity is running rife.

        • BIG M

          Not Nievity Ignorance.

        • Nostaljack

          Those who suffer from bipolarity *are* in control of their actions. You’re totally wrong about that. My father is bipolar and I know others who are too. They’d all disagree with you as vehemently as I do. I don’t dig “crutches” and a few of us are allowing CM Punk’s mom (a woman we *don’t* know from Eve, btw) to use bipolarity as hers.

          • Un American

            You really have no idea.

          • Nostaljack

            Unless you have a relative or know someone who’s bipolar (and based on your comments, you can’t), you have absolutely no clue. The “bleeding heart” thing doesn’t work for me…not even a little.

        • Kerri

          From all the interviews he’s given over his career, blogs he used to write and his recent DVD- his mother seemed to give up on him a long time ago, so your point on him turning his back on family is void. He doesn’t HAVE to do anything for her, but he seemingly chose to up until a certain point, that doesn’t make him anything more than a normal person reaching their breaking point and I don’t know, helping someone for over a couple of years does seem like patience to me.

          I said you were possibly a troll because you seem to be taking the side of no matter what Punk does/did is wrong. You have no right to judge someone who’s dealing with a family member like this, even if you’ve done so personally, every situation different, there is no “correct” formula to follow. You want to show some humanity? Try saying you just hope she gets the help she needs and be glad someone (Punk) was trying to help her.

  • 1molly23

    Unfortunately the more one does for someone that won’t help themselves, the more those types of people want. C.M. Punk is doing the absolutely right thing and standing up to her. It doesn’t matter what he did/didn’t do in high school – or if he was arrested – it appears he does the right thing now, learned from past mistakes, it’s time for mom to learn the lessons the hard way. Sociopaths, psychopaths, “bipolar” all believe the world owes them.

  • Kacie

    Just to be clear, this is his about biological mother right? Not his friends or his “sisters” mother who took Punk in when he was in high school?

    • Kacie

      arghhh. this is about his*

      • Mike Elliott

        Yeah, this is about his biological mother.

  • sdunne87

    Considering the upbringing he seems to have endured it makes his straight edge lifestyle all the more commendable.

  • sir-rusty82

    Nothing wrong with getting a bit of dirt in from your sources Richard, everyone else does so stop worrying it all comes along with the fame. Id be disappointed with you for not getting any dirt on anyone

  • Scotty Dee

    I feel for Punk as I bet he did not want to do that to his Mother. My Mother gave up on me early in life too he did the right thing for himself. CM Punk is a self made man. How can you not respect that?

  • izzy

    I think this was definitely worth mentioning here on wnw thank you Richard especially because I know you were unsure whether to post this or not.