Report: Head WWE Writer Cut This Past Weekend

Shares 0 is reporting that head WWE writer Jay Gibson has been cut from the company this past weekend. If he has been released, last night's WWE Raw would have been the first show without him part of it.

The company surprised many Thursday afternoon when they released 11 talent to cut costs. Their "no fire edict" that was put in place by Triple H was no more. After those releases, many were speculating that there would be internal releases as well.

As you probably know, Richard Gray is out of town this week, so we can't confirm whether this report is true; however, it wouldn't be surprising that WWE wants to cut their costs anyway they can.

  • Dave Barton

    Wonder if they had Barrett tell the 11 (possibly 12) they were being released…

    • Kleck

      I’m afraid for some of them, it wasn’t bad news. They can now get some exposure.

  • David F

    This explains why RAW was so childish this week. Cmon Vince grow up enough with the laxative jokes and male genitals its old

  • Tom Mayer

    With all the money and budget costs, it might be time for them to consider a change in direction back to PG-14 for edgier/easier to write stories… That worked in the past… They probably forgot what 5.0+ ratings were like.

    • Moose

      Not to mention, a political career isn’t hinged on the PG image. Would they sacrifice the money they have with kids and “family friendly” entertainment for the possibility of more money (ratings) in another PG-14 run?