Report: Jerry Lawler Had Chest Pains As Early As Saturday

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According to Jerry Lawler's son Kevin, Jerry started complaining of chest pains as early as Saturday when he was in Aruba with his girlfriend. Kevin also confirmed our report that Jerry was clinically dead for nearly 20 minutes while EMTs worked to revive him.

You can read more of Kevin's comments at Memphis news channel WREG at this link.

  • havoc525

    Wow…he technically died on the air. So glad this has gone how it has.

  • themcdangler

    20 minutes and no brain damage???? Jerry Lawler is officially the toughest man alive.

    • ThatGuyThere

      Just look up the name Fabrice Muamba. Clinically dead for 74 minutes. Sadly he had to retire from Football/Soccer (Delete as which side of Atlantic you live on). Modern cardio medicene is fantastic, however its a shame that we have to use it. If people like Lawler who are 62 and are in better physical condition than most 30 year olds, its a sobering and worrying thought.

      • themcdangler

        Just read it. Couldn’t find why he had the heart attack. Seems very young. Cool story though that’s crazy.

      • XKonn247

        I remember watching Muamba lie. I was in tears. He was do fortunate.

  • XKonn247

    Live. Not lie. iPhone fail.