Report: Jesse Sorensen Released From The Hospital

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PWInsider is reporting that Jesse Sorensen has been released from the hospital and is at his home in Tampa, Florida. Given the fact that he suffered fractured C1 vertebrae on Sunday, that's nothing short of incredible.

Kurt Angle said Monday night that doctor's were projecting a one year timetable for his recovery.

  • JP_Killings

    I think I might of missed it but how did he injure himself?

    • Shea

      At Against All Odds he took a knee to the spine from Zema Ion during their match.

    • josh

      zema ion did a moonsault off the turnbuckle to the outside and ions knees hit him in the head.its on youtube if you want to watch it just put jesse sorenson injury

    • chelu671

      This past Sunday at Against All Odds, Zema Ion’s knee smashed into his forehead after a springboard.No matter tge end result, it’s sad seeing Ion win contendership to the X division title.

  • @RatedMKD

    That's borderline miraculous. Hopefully the rest of his recovery follows suit.

  • Stephen

    That is absolutlely lucky. C1 is the worst vertebre to break. If you are to break your neck or back, the lower vertebre is better. When you break one, typically everything from the break down becomes paralized. So with C1, you would lose the use of your lungs and would have to be on a ventilator, cant move anything from the waist down. About four years ago I broke C3 C4 and have very limited movement in my arms and legs. I'm just amazed how he was able to keep complete mobility throughout his body..

  • Moose666

    I don't keep up with TNA. However, regardless of the organization or sport, my heart goes out to those injured and their families. My father in law had a head injury a few years back and died from his injuries two years ago. I sincerely wish him the best and hope for a speedy complete recovery. These men and women put their bodies on the line to simply entertain us. They deserve more recognition than they are given.

  • Kevin

    That guy took an incredible hit. It's amazing that he's even able to walk, let alone be released from the hospital. I hope he completely recovers and is able to make a return to wrestling.

  • samantha

    that zimba jumped over the wring ropes and hit him on the head with his knee this wasnt intentional i dont think but it just goes to show that even when some of the things are rehersed that things can and do go wrong i hope he carries on with his great speedy recovery and we see him on tna soon even if hes not fighting i think to see him will put all the fans minds at rest also streanth and love to his family at this time as this could have killed him but thankfully it did not but still a worring time for all involved.

  • Alex

    I don't like tna but I don't want to see any wrestler hurt. I hope Jesse going to be ok.