Report: John Cena To Enter To "Invincible" By Machine Gun Kelly At Wrestlemania XXVIII is reporting that John Cena will enter to Machine Gun Kelly's "Invincible" at Wrestlemania XXVIII for his match against The Rock.

The bout will headline this year's show which will take place Sunday, April 1, 2012 from the Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Fernando for sending us the link.

  • H.M.

    New theme? Permanent?

    *goes on Youtube*

  • H.M.

    Oh it's the Wrestlemania theme.

    Derp lol.

  • Bigbdawg

    Everyone hates cena cause they portray him as invincible now to shove it more down our throats they gotta have him come to the ring with that garbage

  • Tomas

    Whey, three guesses as to who's gonna win that match….. — . —

    • Mike

      Tito Santana?
      Bastion Booger?
      Oh… oh… oh…
      Conquistadore 2!

      No? That's not who you meant?

  • Brandon

    Im more interested in what Triple H going to do. His Wrestlemania entrences are always so cool.

  • Matt Scott

    This song really isn't good haha. That match doesn't need spectacular entrances!!!

  • Jason from Australia

    I’m only interested in how they book cm punk vs Jericho from now Til their wrestlemani match. Hopefully they don’t have any matches against each other between now and then . And hopefully no tag match teaming them up against two others which obviously leads to one of them turning on the other halfway through the match and leaving .

  • MsMojoRisin

    now i hate mgk i hope the rock wins just to prove that cena isnt invincible… if cena does win expect a riot in miami

    • Bruno

      So you really expect the rock to win

      • MsMojoRisin

        just to show that cena isnt invincible xD

    • XKonn247

      When Cena broke his neck it showed me he wasn’t invincible. I cried and I cried until all the mark inside of me flooded out and morphed into a warped sense of cynicism.

  • K.E

    point of correction, everyone does not hate Cena.

  • bettysteve

    the rock comin back to wrestle? you all don't get it..the date of the match, after a whole year of hype? april fools, he ain't gunna show!!!!!!

    • XKonn247

      First, if you believe April Fools falls in march then wow. Second, WWE have booked the biggest match since Rock/Hogan and you’re idea for it is “April fools”. Why do you even watch the product?

      • MsMojoRisin

        lol i agree xkonn

      • Bigbdawg

        Wrestlemania is April 1

  • Joe

    Man I have a feeling cena gonna win that match…..and if he does who cares its not like he can actually beat the crap out of the rock in real life if cena wins its ok the rock well always be one of the greatest entertainer of all time while cena will be the greatest joke of all time

    • The Prototype

      'cena will be the greatest joke of all time ' – he has more money than you bro

      • Joe

        There’s a difference between joke and money I said he a joke not broke

  • WyFo

    There’s one thing I’m wondering. No matter who wins in the Cena vs. Rock match, where does the rivalry go afterwards? I think Cena will win because Rock has nothing to gain from a win at Wrestlemania, but how are they going to conclude this?

  • Darren

    I’m by no means a Cena fan, but he really knows how to make a situation better with a small change of the norm. WM 22 and 23, he came out as a mobster and driving the GT mustang respectively. I also thoroughly enjoyed when he came out with the multiple Cenas at WM 25. I look for this entrance to be stellar as well.

  • WNW Fan

    Kind of lame to enter with the same theme as the show. Not very "original". Just my humble opinion.

  • So pretty! <3