Report: New Jersey Governor To Make Wrestlemania 29 Announcement Official On Thursday is reporting that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will announce on Thursday that Wrestlemania 29 will be held at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford.

The news comes as no surprise as news first leaked last month when Triple H was in town to meet with city and state officials about hosting the show.

  • George

    Great news. I have to start saving up for what will be my first Wrestlemania!

    • John

      Me Too!!!

  • Laura

    I won't be attending. Still boycotting since they refuse to cancel Dwayne Johnson vs John Cena. I will continue to boycott next year if they continue this line of crap with their main events.

    • Eddie

      then get off this website then and go watch american idol

  • bcrescen

    That just doesn’t seem like a good idea, they should stick with the same concept the NFL does when they pick where the Super Bowl would be.
    Now not only do you have the threat of rain, it may snow in April. This is the northeast, stranger things have happened.

  • Lenny

    In the immortal words of Daniel Bryan…YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!

  • Eddie

    Going to my 1st wrestlemania……….got to save up and get the tix………YEAH BUDDY…..hopefully we will have good weather like we had so far this season……….

  • Jg

    Same here.. Missed the 2 at the garden!! Can’t wait for this!

  • kevin

    That sucks. It’s going to be too cold. It will look great for the main event when everyone goes home the stadium is almost empty because we had a march or April snow storm. Hey it happens Yankees and mets have both opened in snow storms.

  • SlaterFan

    Toronto is so overdue for a WM.

  • Alex P

    I said then and I'll say it now…as a Jets season ticket holder (don't get me wrong I love seeing the event up here), but it's going to be cold out there! I mean the stadium will give them very high attendance numbers…that's about it

  • Ross

    i'm saving up for this one aswell and weather won't bother me i live in scotland hell i could still wear shorts and a t-shirt and i will probably still be to warm bring it

    • T-Boy

      Same. In Winter 2010 it was about -15 degrees where I live in Scotland. I won't mind the weather. I'm hoping to go to this one.

  • AJG316

    How much do wrestlemania tickets on average cost please somebody tell me I fell like I NEED 2 attend

    • Prprince

      A lot

  • MonstaHeel 450

    Would Xanadu be open by that time, Mr Christie? Things to do, places to go, smells to figure out…. (This is the Meadowlands ya know..)

  • Ant

    Well really happy its someplace close to me. But please don't involve that fat jerk Christopher Christie to put it nicely.
    And too all of the people saying its going to be too cold. The super bowl XLVIII is going to be there in February. Its not that cold up this way in April. 50 degrees? deal with it if you don't like it don't come. I'm sure they wont have trouble selling tickets. Royal Rumble 2008 at MSG sold out in an hour.

  • kevin

    It’s not 50 at night in April I work at Yankee stadium it gets COLD