Report: Rosa Mendes Assaulted Prior To Flight To San Antonio

Shares 0 is reporting that Rosa Mendes was involved in an incident at the San Antonio International Airport in the last 24 hours.

According to their report, citing a police officer, Rosa was assaulted in Las Vegas prior to flying into San Antonio for this week's WWE Raw taping. After landing in San Antonio, Rosa was spotted "visibly upset in a public bathroom" at San Antonio International Airport where another female notified police on her behalf.

Pictures were taken and a report was filed before she was transported to her hotel.

  • Logan_Walker

    It was Logan Walker.

    • Logan_Walker

      What is Wrong with the person behind this fake account ? i use intensedebate not the built in commenting system

  • hurrigame

    Wow, that really sucks. Hope she's OK.

  • Lenny

    Well I hope she’s okay but that’s what she gets for being so damn sexy!

    • _JIM_

      So if a woman is very attractive she deserves to be beaten up by a “man”? I’m going to go with you just might be single, and deservably so. Even though some woman really enjoy pushing a man’s buttons. You still can’t ever put your hands on them. This guy who beat her up is a real scum bag and I hope he gets exactly what he has coming to him.

      • Kevin

        Sorry Jim, but I subscribe to the old school way of thinking: If a woman has the gumption to hit a man, she'd better have the gumption to get hit back. I'm not advocating abuse on women, I'm advocating self-defense. If someone starts a fight with me, man or woman, there will be a fight coming back to them. I don't take kindly at all to being punched or kicked, so if someone does attack me, I'm attacking back, regardless of gender.

  • dusty588 is reporting that it is Jackson Andrews.

  • Terrell K. Jackson

    that was messed up