Report: The Rock Negotiating Role In WWE Studios Film

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The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that The Rock is in negotiations to star in a big-screen remake of the 1980s TV series The Fall Guy. What is particularly interesting is the film is being financed by Hyde Park Entertainment and WWE Studios.

Click here for coverage by The Hollywood Reporter.

  • iwc

    im so damn sick of the rock. i know i wanted him to comeback in the beginning but now i changed my mind, he had no business winning the title. he nnever defended it on tv and he beat my idol cm punk for that so now i hate him, how dare him do that. i loved when he beat john cena though because he sucks. vince should never allow rock back into wrestling or do movies, hes a disgrace for leaving in order to pursue a better career with more money just because he didnt wanna get hurt anymore in wrestling, what a freaking pusssyyyy. he leaves then comesback again, who the hell does he think he is brett favre or something.

    • jackkedx10

      wow that’s a lot of bitching…

      • iwc

        thats what i do best so leave me the hell alone. im allowed to voice my opinions if i want. its a free country

        • jackkedx10

          Yeah but everyone seems to know why he leaves and doesn’t comeback for months except for you.. Vince isn’t in control if he does movies or not, and hell yeah I would too. I don’t want to be on the road pretty much all year without seeing my family. I would rather be a movie star like him and make Millions for working a couple months out of the year..

          • tye davis

            You guys do know he is just speaking on behalf of his name