Report: Ultimate Warrior "Clutched His Chest" Before Collapsing

The latest information regarding the death of Ultimate Warrior is that he "clutched his chest" moments before he collapsed while walking down a hallway at the Gainey Suites Hotel in Scottsdale, AZ on Tuesday evening, according to a new report by Warrior was with his wife Dana as they were headed towards his car.

Warrior was pronounced dead on Tuesday. He was 54.

  • jim

    he clutched his chest twice as he was introduced b4 his speech at the hall of fame as well, if anyone else caught that. my wife said “hes clutching his heart , is he okay?” and i said: “i think hes just clutching his chest to show his love”. turns out, the wife, who is just a casual fan,not hardcore like i am, well she was right. the heart attack must was starting then…or even b4 the weekend. wow wow. unbelievable.