Report: Universal To Make Major Announcement Next Week

Shares 0 notes that Universal is scheduled to make a "major announcement" next Thursday regarding the future of CityWalk. They discuss the possibility of a physical WWE Hall of Fame, outlining the quandary we mentioned here on Premium in September 2013.

When WWE was negotiating with Universal about a physical Hall of Fame, they wanted to be the only wrestling company on property. Universal enjoyed their time with TNA Wrestling (this was before they returned) and told WWE if they wanted exclusive rights to the theme park, they would have to tape a show on location. We were told at the time that it could be a deal breaker if neither side broke down.

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  • DW

    This could be the death blow.

  • King A sshole

    A Hall of Fame is necessary, and the only thing the WWE need to legitimize the hall… along with the induction of Macho Man and Lou Thesz, but I digress. I just wish I still lived in Orlando to be there if it happens.

  • vinnyf25

    This is the death blow to TNA…its a damn shame to because i for one find TNA to be more entertaining…but thats just me

    • Big D

      Everyone has the right to their opinion….that’s what makes this country great. I respect your opinion, but I can’t take more than ten minutes watching TNA. I think the story lines are decent, sometimes more entertaining than WWE, but it’s boring as hell because they don’t have enough talent to pull it off. There are a few of them that would make it in WWE, but imo most of the wrestlers in TNA don’t have the acting and/or mic skills to keep me interested long enough.

      • Mysterion

        Which country? You do realise this site is viewed worldwide, right? Not just the USA.

        • Big D

          Sorry…..I was talking about the USA 🙂

    • Jaryd

      I have to respectfully disagree. That A&8s funeral segment was some of the hottest garbage I’ve ever seen and makes me glad I don’t watch TNA except to check the odd few clips to check to see if it’s still interminable.

      • Big D

        Bully Ray’s character is annoying as hell, but if Bubba Ray and Devon came back as the Dudly’s then I would watch ’em for sure. They were one of the best tag teams ever.

  • Big D

    A physical Hall of Fame is without a doubt a necessity. I’m in upstate NY and you can betchur sweet arse I’d gladly make the trip to see it! Bring it on boyz!!!

  • jimmyd

    wwe turning way to pg for me I really prefer tna over wwe now wwe just not doing it for me I mean honestly wwe idk if it’s true or not but my opinion wwe lost storyline they don’t make it interesting like they used 2 impact the story they have now it’s great I’m not trying to dis anyone but really the characters they are all great if anyone ever watched it u would be amazed you don’t see everybody in wwe climbing ropes you font see wwe flying everywhere and being with the fans if you pay attention any of it lately aj styles has been out promoting his business. All while defending his championship that to me is a true world champ