Report: Wrestlemania Celebrity Injured

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The New York Post is reporting that "Extra" host Maria Menounos broke a rib during a "Dancing with the Stars" rehearsal with dance partner Derek Hough. Menounos has reportedly been working through "excuriating" pain the past few weeks. According to their report, Maria has being wearing a rib brace under her dancing attire and refuses to give up.

Maria will team with Kelly Kelly to face WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix & Eve at Wrestlemania XXVIII on Sunday. We'll have exclusive live play-by-play coverage here at

  • Fernando

    If finally Maria Menounos cannot be on that match, can we bet on Layla reappearing taking her place?

  • Victor

    Either way she was going to get a rib broken whether before or after wrestlemania

  • Matt

    a broken rib? did the wind blow and knock her down?

  • havoc525

    If she actually does work in the match, with a broken rib, you have to give her respect. For someone who’s not a regular worker to step in the ring with broken rib is tough as hell…or incredibly stupid.

  • Shayne

    Kelly Kelly was going to do all the work anyways so she can sit on the apron and get the odd tag in like all celebs do in a tag match

  • Ra.A.

    She is still great looking.