WWE Launching New Saturday Morning Show On August 25

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that WWE will begin airing a new show, titled WWE Saturday Morning Slam, August 25th on The CW. The weekly half-hour show will feature one pre-taped match per week, as well as behind-the-scenes segments. The show will be targeted at the young boy demographic, explained in the excerpt below:

Saban and WWE are hoping to capitalize on research data that show children, including a healthy contingent of boys younger than 12, make up 22% of the audience for the wrestling group's core franchises, "Monday Night Raw" and "SmackDown," which run on the NBCUniversal cable channels USA Network and Syfy, respectively.

"Children make up a huge, huge component of our audience," said Eric Pankowski, senior vice president for WWE creative and development.

In an average week, the audience for WWE's national programs includes more than 2.5 million viewers younger than 18, Pankowski said, and about 40% of the people who attend live WWE events bring their kids.

As previously noted on WrestlingNewsWorld.com, WWE recently conducted a survey to determine the name of the show. WWE Saturday Morning Slam beat out WWE Jakked, WWE Amp'd, WWE Supercharge, and WWE Turbocharge.

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Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker for sending in the article.

  • mjledesma

    WWE lame haha.

    • Thisguy

      But WWE makes money. A lot of money. Nothing’s lame about that.

      • mjledesma

        WWE lame cause it really is going to be pg. Calm down

  • Wwe4L76

    O.M.G…. TNA is the real deal now. Fantastic wrestlers and matches. Wwe has just become a stupid show for kids. Was a huge fan of wwe for 13 years, but now I have had enough.

    • StephenSnel23

      Really? A half an hour show that will be directed for kids put you over the edge?? News flash buddy. You don’t have to watch it. It’s on a different channel. I for one think it’s a good idea because just maybe that will make WWE feel less obligated to do things to cater to kids on their main shows and air it on the new one.

      • Wwe4L76

        I dont quit wwe just because of this, but raw, SD!, nxt etc, it all sucks ass. I understand kids love it… But I really fell in love with tna when I saw kurt angle wrestle, and bully ray had a real hardcore match with a guy. Really good show

        • Stephen

          Have you even watched the new NXT? Its ten times better than the old one.

          • Wwe4L76

            Yes, I have. Belive me. I was a huge fan!
            I am no tna fan who tries to bash wwe. I loved wwe!
            So it’s just that wwe is not what it was, and TNA has become much better.

  • Big D

    Just what we need. Another half-hour of wrestling geared towards kids. As if 4, now 5 hours wasn't enough.

  • _JIM_

    If young kids only make up 22% of WWE’s core audience, why are we made to suffer through this stupid PG initiative? Seems to me as though they would try and appeal to the other 78% of their audience. Which I assume is adult and young adult. They’ve been doing a lot better when it comes to their content being so watered lately. Its nowhere near the “Attitude Era”, but its way better than it was for the past year or so.

    • Wwefan4ever

      Maybe the other 72% are babies

      • Wwe4L76


  • Dave

    At least they’ll be one match on each show. Probably all Brodus Clay ones though.

  • PainOfDemise

    Thank god it's only a half hour long.

    • StephenSnel23

      Why does it matter? Why care how long it is when you probably won’t watch it. It’s for kids. I think it’s good for WWE to reach out to all its viewers. Another show on another network will also get them more eyes on the product which means more money.

  • Lee

    I thought that they where not in the wrestling but in Sport entertainment

  • StephenSnel23

    I don’t see why people are complaining, it’s not like you have to watch it. It won’t be doing storyline feuds. It’s just WWE building up their brand even more. Hopefully with this show, WWE will feel less obligated to do things catered to kids on the main shows and they keep it to the kids one.

  • TheAwesome1

    Idk what the big deal is. MLB, NFL and a lot of other sport leagues have tv shows geared toward kids. If you think it's lame, don't watch it.

  • Logan_Walker

    Once again I out do myself. I dedicate my life to this.

    • Joe O.

      Ahh and there’s the bit of arrogance I was expecting from you Logan. Haha just kidding. Well deserved. Keep up the good work. Maybe Richard will listen to the fans, unlike the WWE, and put you on the payroll! #LoganToWNW

  • vmagic

    Nobody is forcing you to endure anything, if you dont like it then dont watch it.

  • Tom

    Honestly, for the first time in my lifetime that i've watched WWE, I am actually very burnt out and tired of the programming.

    They keep stacking hour after hour of programming a week, but the stories and angles they do keep suffering. It just isn't interesting anymore. I've waited year after year for the quality of the story writing to actually start meaning something but they keep dropping the ball.

    I'm probably going to stop caring about it and watching it altogether, and that's a real shame. I wanted to actually bond with my kids over WWE one day, myself.

  • Thisguy

    Lol idk why people are mad about this. You’re not forced to watch it. Stop being ignorant and stop getting mad over nothing.

  • mjledesma

    WWE actually just announced the official name of the show…WWE Saturday morning slam

  • Lindsay Marie

    I’m actually excited for this! I love the WWE and in don’t care if it’s now ‘just for kids’.