Report: WWE Magazine Ceasing Publication, Will Look To Outsource

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FolioMag.com is reporting that WWE Magazine is ceasing publication after 30 years in print. According to their report, 14 of the 55 WWE office cuts were related to the publication.

They include the following statement from a WWE spokesperson:

"Our internal operations for WWE Magazine have ceased," the company says in a statement. "We will look at both domestic and international licensing opportunities moving forward."

What this means is the company will look at possibility outsourcing the magazine to a third party going forward. This is part of ongoing budget cutbacks WWE is making to become more efficient as they look to improve on their new WWE Network driven business model.

Click here for coverage by FolioMag.com.

  • Bryan

    I dont think this is a suprise. I mean who buys the magazines anymore? I did when I was a kid but Im a 31 year old man now and I get most of my news online instantly, instead of waiting a month for the latest issue to come out.

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    in the next 10 years, a WWE superstar will bring this issue on-screen a la CM Punk and the ice cream bar…