Report: WWE & NBCU Far Apart On Price, WWE Hires Help

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that NBCUniversal and WWE are "far apart on price" regarding a new domestic television distribution agreement. According to their report, they've retained Chris Bevilacqua, head of media advisory firm Bevilacqua Helfant Ventures, to negotiate the deal.

Click here for coverage by the LA Times.

For more on when to expect WWE to announce their new domestic television deal, click here.

  • TheD33j

    Does this mean they don’t have interest from other companies? Seems odd to invest in a third party to negotiate with a company in which you’re “far apart” on a deal when you can allow other companies to pay what you want…

  • dean

    Actually, wwe has HIRED a third party because it wants to get the BEST DEAL possible for its tv rights. this man is an expert in the field.
    nbcu can match any offer that wwe receives from another entity.
    I do not see wwe getting an offer close to what the nba. nfl, mlb, or nhl gets because pro wrestling is a circus form of enteretainment. It will always have a low brow, white trash stigma associated with it and advertisers will not advertise on pro wrestling because its viewers are mostly uneducated, low income individuals who do not have good incomes to even buy the products which are being promoted during the commercials.
    this wwe network is mainly McMahon’s idea to acquire money from his low income fanbase who can’t afford to buy a 45 to 65 ppv a month so he says you can watch all the fake wrestling you want as long as you give me a measly 10 bucks a month over a six month period to watch it.
    McMahon needs to wake up and look at the make up his “audience” and see them in the manner in which the rest of mainstream society views them.