Report: WWE Video Game Title Delayed

Shares 0 is reporting that THQ will not release the prospective WWE Brawl video game title this year. The company reportedly confirmed in a Tweet to one of their followers that they are "focused strictly" on WWE '13.

Embedded in the video below is a preview of the game:

  • Mohammad Abulawi

    this game should not cost 60$ on xbox maybe 25-30 $

  • Alex P

    I happened to enjoy WWE 12…but they need to stop producing these arcade type games and focus on improving their main series. This is definitely good news for the WWE series fans.

  • Steve

    wwe version of street fighter lol

  • Scottyo614

    Thank god. That looked awful… What was wrong with WWE All Stars?

  • Jamie

    WWE Brawl? Should rename is too WWE x Dragonball z

  • Aldo T

    I can see this game coming out in the Xbox LIVE arcade for the sheer fact that it looks like it was built under the 2GB size limit.

  • XRD89X

    Do you think the rock will be available for download before the next game comes out? This wait is ridiculous