Return On This Week's Raw, William Regal Scouting For WWE, First Look At New nWo DVD

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- After vanishing from WWE TV only to resurface in Santino Marella's YouTube show over the weekend, Mason Ryan was a lumberjack in this week's Raw main event.

- William Regal is now working as a scout in WWE.

- Silvervision posted a trailer to the upcoming nWo: The Revolution DVD set. For details on the DVD, click here. The trailer is embedded below:

  • VLG

    I thought I saw Mason Ryan. Of all the people WWE could choose not to use, I'm surprised Mason Ryan was the one.

    • jdl

      Ryan has no upside, unfortunately. He's all "ohmygodhe'sbig" and that's it. Just look at Ryback, the biggest thing he's got going for him is that he's a big guy, but he's also got the drive and intensity, good facial expressions too. Mason Ryan doesn't have that, his angry face looks like he just squeaked out a wet fart. It's not his fault, though, he's as green as grass and no one is doing anything about it. He should be back down in developmental learning how to wrestle and how to cut a promo, and then he should be slowly brought back through NXT and then back to the main roster.

  • kbunyon

    But Regal was one of the lumberjacks on RAW last night. I guess my hopes of seeing Regal on WWE TV have been dashed. I have to admit I'm really bummed about this. He'd be so great in a GM role on RAW, if nothing else.


  • Patrick Peralta

    I wish Regal was the new GM for RAW instead of Vickie.

  • sweeeeeet

    Did not even know WWE was making a nWo DVD. Now that’s just 2 sweeeeeeeet! Ffffff 4 life, 4 life! Definitely can’t wait for this!