Lita, Road Dogg, Tony Atlas &Triple H Return To WWE TV On Tonight’s Raw Supershow

- Amy “Lita” Dumas presented the Slammy for the Divalicious Moment of 2011 at tonight’s Raw Supershow featuring the 2011 WWE Slammy Awards.

- Also returning to TV, Road Dogg Jesse James presented the Slammy for Pipe Bomb of the Year. He also taped an appearance on the Tribute to the Troops special that will air tomorrow and Saturday. James recently received a tryout as a producer, however, I am unable to confirm if he got the job on a full-time basis as of this writing.

- WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas co-presented with David Otunga for Trending Superstar of the Year.

- Triple H returned to WWE television on tonight’s Raw Supershow to promote his match this Sunday against Kevin Nash at WWE TLC: Tables Ladders & Chairs. Hunter has been off TV since October with a storyline “fractured vertebrae” injury.

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  • Alex

    With the exception of the whole Twitter award (not the match that was great just the award), this is how you put on a show that people want to watch. Dixie should take notice.

  • H.M.

    Atlas was horrible. I wanted to mute the TV.

    • Blazeking

      He did go somewhere with it. He was laughing at Otunga like we've been doing.

      Example: We've been making fun of the bowtie, the coffee drinking, Jennifer Hudson wrestling better than he can… Ok, the last part I just added in there =P

  • toine22

    This crowd is horrible.

  • Wes

    I had such a mark out moment who the D-O-Double-G walked out. Too bad too many of the fans didn't know him. All the fans of the Attitude Era have gone.

  • Tiffany

    Lita looked amazing, i was really excited to see her and glad she received a good reaction from the crowd. I really wish she would come back, she could really help the divas division. Lita vs Beth would be sooooooooo awesome!

    • MonstaHeel 450

      Based on how Lita looked and handled herself, not to mention the rumors goin round about a possible return, what are the odds, Tiff? What. Are. The. Odds? Helluva Dreamatch, doncha think?

    • MonstaHeel 450

      Based on how Lita looked and handled herself, not to mention a rumor about a possible return (hopin'), what are the odds, Tiff? What. Are. The. Odds? Helluva Dreamatch, doncha think?

  • christopher525

    I popped HUGE for the D-O-Double G, it was awesome to see him again tonight, wish they would come up with something for him on TV. Lita was a very huge surprise as well.

  • Shayne

    We never did find out what Atlas was laughing at, other then Otunga although there was no reason for that either. I know the winners were predetermined like everything else but alot of those Slammy's should have been different winners

    • Blazeking

      I laugh everytime Otunga comes out to "Power" with his Harvard lawyer gimmick.

  • BigMike

    I missed the very beginning of the segment with "notalent" Otunga and Mr USA so I didnt know the whole story but it really doesnt matter Otunga is just plain horrible do him and Cole take turns swallowing Vince to keep their jobs?

    • Brandon Ceielo

      Ugh. Keep it clean please.

  • vmagic

    Don't forget, Kane also returned!

  • Victor

    Finally kane is back!!! He looks awsome Cena still sucks

  • Dave

    Oh you didn’t know……. Your ass better call somebody!!!!!!!! It’s me it’s me it’s that D.O. Double G!!!!!