Returns & Surprises In Tonight's 30-Man Royal Rumble - The Great Khali, Kharma, Jim Duggan & Road Dogg

- The Great Khali returned to WWE in tonight's 30-man Royal Rumble match as entrant number 15.

- Kharma returned to WWE in tonight's 30-man Royal Rumble match as entrant number 21.

- "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan was a surprise entrant at number 19.

- Road Dogg was a surprise entrant at number 23.

  • keagan

    Kharma was great and so was Road Dogg.

  • Owen

    Did Kharma give birth already?

    • GODSENT83

      No, she wrestled pregnant! [email protected] this question

  • When did Karma give birth? Don't remember hearing about that.

  • Shea

    I thought Kharma was still pregnant! I guess she did a REALLY good job hiding the fact that she gave birth.

    • Patrick_Peralta

      for her to return at this time she had to have gotten pregnant around late march or early april…… remember she only announced she was pregnant in late May. late March or early April to December would be 9 months. and time to give birth and rest and come back at the Royal Rumble.

      • Tomas

        Considering she was there, it's very probable. I mean, most women don't normally start showing until after 3 months and with modern birth control methods + the hectic road schedule of a wrestler she could have just not noticed until a couple months in.

  • hurrigame

    So glad the D-O Double G was in the Rumble. Only wish they had gotten Billy instead of Khali. NAO 4 LIFE!

    • Nw that khali,kharma n jerico has returned,wwe wl b intresting again ! Was hoping for undertaker to win!!!!sheamus sucks.

      • XKonn247

        Khali and interesting doesn’t work. Khali and worst thing in WWE history… That’s accurate.

        • the arbiter

          Hes bad, but there have been worse. He gets a better response than Jinder Mahal

      • Wilo

        Sheamus doesn't sucks!

  • H.M.

    Khali, and Cole were wasted spots. Should have put Kane instead. Disappointed that Jericho lost.

    • Chowder

      Totally agree. But I’m also not upset that Sheamus won either, been a fan of his since his debut. Personally I wanted Miz to take it, but that was more to spite a buddy that absolutely hates The Miz.

  • Matt

    Kharma and Road Dogg were the ones that made me smile so big and they both had a pretty decent run in the match. WWE did a good job. I was secretly hoping The Undertaker would have returned but to have those returns plus Sheamus and Jericho going in a great match it was a wonderful PPV!

  • richy

    Hey Richard, Has khrama gave birth yet?

    • Nigel

      Yea she give birth already she can’t fight if she is pregnant

  • wnwdotcom2

    Kharma was obviously still not pregnant but I do not want to speculate about a very personal matter.

    • richy

      Thanks you sir, You rule.

  • Franklyn

    This Rumble was by far the most boring rumble ever. I so regret ordering it and I want my $ back! 🙁

    • sean

      everyone is entitled to their own opinion but to quote the Rock it doesnt matter what you think

  • kyle

    I was really hoping for Goldust to be an entrant and eliminate Cody Rhodes and further there feud towards Wrestlemania 28

  • MPXTheChoice

    Kharma went out in, what, May? Let's assume she was 3 months, because you're still not showing, and possibly wouldn't know just yet. 6 months later is November…bam. Enough time to return for the Rumble.

    • eurosario

      My bro said the same to me 1 month ago

  • kbunyon

    That Christmas video that she put out, she appeared to be pregnant, but who knows. Who also knows when they made that video.


  • troy

    was obviously still not pregnant i dont understand???? Miscarriage maybe

    • cristina

      Oh God don't say that! No it usually takes 6 to 8wks for a gal to find out she's with child. I know from my own experience. So that would mean she was pregnant before Wrestlemania last year, so the timeline fits. I just want to know if she had a boy or girl. I LOVE babies!

    • XKonn247

      Or maybe, just maybe, she has had a baby?!

    • Jim

      ? No. It still only takes human females 9 months to have a child. When she made the announcement on Raw that she was leaving to have a kid she was already months pregnant. Wasn’t like the kid was conceived right before she walked out to the ring. So she could’ve had her baby in early December. Or maybe even sooner.

      • the arbiter

        Chances are, seeing it was a "risky pregnancy" that she may have had a c-section and it might not have gone to full term.

        also, some pro atheletes can bounce back from pregnancy very quickly

    • Larry

      Be a adult if it was its not our business but she was pregnat in apr didnt tell us till may its been 9 1/2 months and she was cleared wwe arent dumb

  • Raj kamal das

    Drat!the great khali or orton should have won..! Aperance of khali was the best part.

  • If we could get a legitimate Kharma vs Beth Pheonix match at Wrestlemania that would be awesome

  • 7028brethart

    The weakest line up I have ever seen for a rumble, but it was still exciting, no undertaker, disappointing.

  • Wwe4L76

    Worst RR ever!

  • Sabastian Isaac

    So dissapointed with the last entrant , bigshow and Sheamus has already had a shot at the title

  • Deadman_walking

    Then big show came out as number 30

  • Michele

    For a 25th anniversary it was average I expected better to many has beens. Duggan,Cole,King,Booker and Road Dogg were wasted spots would have prefered to have had current stars eg kane, McIntyre, Brodus,Mason Ryan and perhaps a big name return e.g Taker. Also they should of had Rock and Cena in it to spark up the rivalry for wm28.Although in fairness I did think the final four guys left and sheamus v y2j was a good finish.

    • craig

      Rock-Cena should have had a Warrior-Hogan type showdown.

      • the arbiter

        Double elimination, brawling all the way to the back of the stage

  • Nick

    Quite suprised Jericho actually got involved and didn't run around cheering for a while before getting in the ring really late on. Kinda ruined his current image I feel.

    • the arbiter

      His current image sucks, so thats a good thing.

      It took 2 weeks for me to start fast forwarding the promos of my favorite all time star.

  • Sebastian

    The fact commentators were in the Rumble while Superstars like Michael McGillicutty, Mason Ryan, Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins were not even used really annoys me, what a joke, deserves more respectful booking, that’s for sure.

  • Dinosaur


  • mike-n-mal

    moan moan moan is all you yanks do last nights rumble was awsome very entertaining n some great suprises . if jericho would have won you would all be moaning its too predictable well done sheamus and kofi kingstons re entry was awesome glad kharmas back too hopefully some decent divas matches soon

    • Miles

      Doesn’t take much to please you, don’t know if you noticed but wwe doesn’t do woman’s wrestling just gap filling squash matches. Watch tna if you want to see women “wrestle”

    • XKonn247

      Wow. How much did your rose coloured glasses cost?

  • fraser

    Went crazy when Road Dog came out! brilliant pop for him!!! shame about the rest of the rumble match, i though it was disappointing. Really, michael cole in the rumble? killed it.

  • Wwe4L76

    Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid

  • Dave Barton

    Wasn’t exactly the end of the world, was it? What the hell happened with the Y2J build?

  • Latrell

    This Rumble was boring, it was like they were just trying to fill spots by putting in all three announcers. No real big names showed up till the end. I felt like I was watching a bunch of mid card talent.

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  • craig

    i am not one of those guys but i will be this time, the rumble this year jumped the shark with the really REALLY weak roster. No Kane or Cena wtf!

  • @jblack424

    Couple things about rumble is when kharma came I popped and hopefully a her vs beth comes at wm. I think new age should come back as the would bring a lil more excitement to tag division that blows. Your tag division all look related which just doesn’t give you excitement. Drew jobbing is becoming sick as I popped cause a drew and brodus match if done right would be the second biggest story at the rumble. A brodus close win not no offense have uso primo hacksaw when kane, cena, brodus clay,and drew could have made app in rumble that would be more exciting.I hate wade was out so quick and faster then swagger who bores me. Also big talk should be no rey (though was unlikely)no delrio no christian. Rumble was exciting but predicitable til the last two men in rumble.

  • Torture Rack

    I just want to know why NO wrestling sites reported on her giving birth! Privacy or not, it's wrestling sites' jobs to report wrestling (and wrestling-related) news. If she already gave birth, she must have paid off a TON of leaks to not leak anything out, cause there's NO way her delivery of her baby would NOT have been reported.

    • Larry

      We should be worried your so worried about her child.which is one on the reasons it was kept secret ,she is back be happy, not consumed with her child who has no bearing or business on this WRESTLING site

  • Abraham Jacob

    it was fun to see that great khali was back and was there for a few minutes in the ring. But why didd wwe gave him priority over jnder mahal?

    • the arbiter

      Because Jinder Mahal is very poor and not over with the indian public like Khali is

      A billion potential fans

  • Jamie

    Loved all 4 returns, Although Road Dogg and Kharma was the only suprising ones… was expecting Undertaker or someone else..

  • WillieDberriaN

    Not only did kharma give birth but she also rested, rehabbed and trained. She also got married. You would have known all of this if you had been reading WNW all the while. It’s not like ages been hiding this from anyone.

  • Hunter

    How has no one mentioned Ricardo’s entry? That had me cracking up!

  • Bob

    I love khali he was the best part of the rumble