Revamped Ryback, Patience With Big E, The Rock/WWE, Thoughts On The Shield

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A couple weeks in, what are your thoughts on Ryback as a heel?

I've been higher up on Ryback the past two weeks (three counting the initial turn) than I've been on Ryback since he debuted the character. The heel turn is more believable and provides substance and gimmick progression. He got his first real test on the stick during the in-ring segment with Mick Foley on this week's Raw and I think he passed. The segment wasn't flawless but it wasn't bad either. Kendra Bunyon graded it a B and I'm in agreement. His goal was to make fans hate him and he accomplished that goal in London.

Now that Ryback is a heel, wouldn't it make more sense to turn Big E Langston as a babyface and program him against Ryback?

Not so fast my friend! The best thing that can happen for Big E Langston is for him to continue in his current gimmick. Right now he's in the shadow of Dolph Ziggler. This isn't a bad thing and can be used in a multitude of ways. Obviously the out is Big E "grows tired" of Ziggler and turns on him, however, this isn't something that should be rushed. It would be a mistake to try and push him too hard too fast right out of the gate. Let's give him some time to develop before clamoring for a turn.

So we all know now that The Rock won't be able to compete at Extreme Rules due to his injury but my question is, if he didn't get injured what type of match would he be in? Would he be wrestling for the WWE title again or was there other plans to use him?

The Rock decided against working Extreme Rules before he worked Wrestlemania 29. The word going around was he didn't want to do another job in a match presumably involving John Cena and CM Punk. In hindsight, those plans would have probably been out the window as Punk is doubtful for the pay-per-view due to time off. Rock also begins filming "Hercules" soon and there could have been a scheduling conflict. As things currently stand, Rock is out of the WWE plans indefinitely.

What is your overall opinion of The Shield?

The Shield is comprised of three guys that flat out get it done. I haven't seen anything that I would call "bad" and it all comes down to how WWE decides to progress the gimmick. Do they add more members or disband? The key thing here is not to overkill the gimmick past its lifespan but I'm very optimistic in regards to Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns.

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  • mark

    Ryback failed in my opinion. Keep the microphone at your mouth when you talk. Stop breathing so heavy. I understand the reason behind the breathing, but lay off a little. He’s not ready to be main event.

    • Frenchfry

      Hes not ready to main event……….because he didnt hold the mic up high enough………… You my friend are a genius

  • Feed me more……

  • Ricky

    To me the SHIELD goes back to the days of the dominant 3 man stables like the Freebirds. I hope WWE keeps the group together, but I’m against new members being added.

    • Mark J.

      You guys are WAY too biased about The Shield. Yes, their characters have been impressive. But so has Ryback. Many of the IWC just think that the only good superstars are the ones that they root for (aka “The CM Punk Syndrome”). One could easily compare The Shield to a younger version of the NWO, but what’s the point? Just like it’s pointless to compare Ryback and Goldberg … as if it takes a brilliant observer to notice that their “look” is similar. All the trashing of Ryback is completely unwarranted. The reason why the IWC is biased (toward Punk and The Shield) is because characters like Ryback, Sheamus and Cena are VERY predictable. But here’s the thing. Some fans want the product to be unpredictable, and some fans don’t. And since it’s easier for a promoter like Vince to make 70-90% predictable, you’re always going to be disappointed and complain accordingly. The IWC keeps wishing that WWE returns to the Attitude Era (maybe not for profanity, but in terms unpredictability). Give it up. It’s unrealistic to think that a monopoly like WWE is going to operate as if they have serious competition. “Believe in The Shield” all you want, but believe that they element of unpredictability will only go so far.

      • Xavier

        Punk, Shield, Bryan are just as predictable as Cena, Ryback, Sheamus. Only difference is the 1st set of guys are Indy guys and the others aren’t so the IWC rejects them. However, all of the guys I named all have their place on the card and all contribute to the overall success of the WWE.

        • Smart Mark

          Says the person who claimed Rock vs Cena II to be the drawing point of WM29

          • Xavier

            Because it was the main drawing point of WM29. It’s a bitter pill for you Cena/Rock haters to shallow but it’s the truth

          • Smart Mark

            Just because it was the main event does not make it the drawing point. What is your proof that Rock/Cena was the drawing point for WM29 and don’t say buyrates and sales because that represents the whole PPV as a collective not just one match. And if you recall, this years WM and 3 big matches so no it wasn’t the main drawing point and i do not know how to “shallow” any sort of pill.

          • Xavier

            I’m pretty sure Rock & Cena are the two most popular people on the roster. I don’t need numbers to back that up. Anyone who sticks their Johnson in a vagina on a regular basis knows that, so it’s no surprise that you wouldn’t know that. Good evening sir.

          • Smart Mark

            How the hell is John Cena one of the most popular guys? Please explain? If you really think that John Cena is popular then you obviously don’t have a Johnson because you need to have a vagina to be a Cena fan. He’s gets booed in every arena he goes in.

          • Razmos

            You get boo’ed everytime you post a comment but i bet you still think your a top guy, Cena is the face of the company so that is pretty much saying your our most popular asset, add The Rock to that and you have your main drawing point to mania 29, thats why it was THE MAIN EVENT, i thought “a smart mark” would of known that

          • Xavier

            Seeing how Cena has been the face of the company for the past eight years and seeing how he sales more merchandise then any other full-time wrestler on the roster or the fact that he’s granted more wishes then anyone else for Make-A-Wish, and then there is the support that he gets from troops all around the world or the fact that forbes as him estimated at a net worth of over 35 million dollars (more then any other active full-time wrestler on the planet), or how he has headlined 5 Wrestlemanias, or the fact that he does countless commercials for Subway or the fact that he’s one of the head spokes persons for the “Fight Against Breast Cancer” and of course there is also the fact that people who have never watched a second of pro wrestling even know who he is seems to indicate that he’s very popular.

            Are you done, or do you wanna continue to make an ass out of yourself? I hope your done because I have adult things too tend to now.

      • f_caus

        Except that The Shield still feel fresh and exciting to watch (not to mention better in-ring performers than Ryback, who has proven himself reckless and even dangerous on a number of occasions)/

  • Mr.V

    I say Ryback has many of the tools to be a perfect wwE superstar! He looks like a damn action figure in that picture when he was standing there with the belt over Cena and his intense presence is undeniable. Sure he has the Goldberg look but uh, HE HAS THE GOLDBERG LOOK!! That’s a great thing! Wrestling needs characters just like this.
    If he has some weak points it’s up to the wwE to hide those. Period. If he fails it’s because the wwE had him doing something he should not be doing!
    For internet marks to think he doesnt have “it” or that he’s failing or not good enough is just silly. Just look at this guy!! I mean come on you don’t want a massive super freak meathead monster near the top of your wrestling roster?? Really??
    Sure we want real wrestlers regardless of size … and we want talkers to spin us an eloquent tale yeah sure …
    But there is a spot on the roster for this guy like there is a spot for a giant or an Olympian
    or a genius character regardless of how well he can sell a promo or come across as convincing when he talks. He’s got “it” just standing there breathing. It’s up to creative to make us believers.

    • Smart Mark

      Completely agree, and that “big guy/main event” lane is is wide open since Batista left.

  • Monty

    You know the amazing things about the shelf is all 3 guys are flat out studs when it comes to in ring action. This should go on till atleast summerslam.

    If WWE can get one huge start out of this faction than I would consider it a huge success. All 3 have a chance to be big names in this business

    Richard any truth to the rumors going around that Punk and WWE are not on good terms and that he almost quit on WWE few weeks back? I read on another site that he may not get the push like he gotten before. Any truth to this?

  • BigD

    All three members of the Sheild will be major stars.

  • Jbreed

    The Shield needs to stay together for a long time. What’s the point of breaking up one of the greatest stables ever? Look at the Four Horsemen, they lasted forever and the whole time they were dominant and never got stale. It’s all up to the WWE not to screw things up like they’re used to doing. The Shield has to stay together and at the same time get pushed individually. Here’s some advice to the WWE, start pushing Dean Ambrose to the moon and put him in main event at WM 30 instead of worrying about whether The Rock is willing to work in the main event or not.

  • Papa Burgundy

    The Shield should start wearing some gold!! & as far as “Big E” he reminds me of Kevin Nash when he 1st appeared on the scene as “Diesel” & was Shawn Michael’s muscle .. He’ll have his day.

    • Mr.V

      Some menacing entrance music would do a lot for his character! Something that sounds like doom ……… dark, intimidating.
      I don’t mean Kane doom … something to strut to … something with deep urban bass like Rikishi’s “Bad Man” only more … hmm punishing? That would be a lot better!

      His music should make the monster food (aka jobbers) gulp. As it is now his music doesnt seem to fit the character they are trying to build.

  • Wait so let me get this straight…CM Punk who’s a full time wrestler puts The Crock over in two consecutive ppv matches that features the wwe title on the line and DWAYNE who’s a part timer can’t do more than one job? What a egomaniac! Brock Lesnar has done two jobs without bitching, Dwayne is such a bitch!

    • Guest

      Didn’t Punk almost quit the WWE twice for not getting his way? Sounds like he’s bitch then too

      • Their respective situations are totally different from one another. I don’t wanna have a whole debate but just for the fact that Dwayne is part time and Punk full time should be enough argument.

        • Chris

          Oh great, another CM Punk ass kisser, because this page site didn’t have enough you guys already. If your gonna call Rock a bitch then Punk is just as big of a bitch for all the whining he does backstage and all the temper tamtrums he throws backstage when every little thing doesn’t go his way. Quit defending his sorry ass and trying to justifying everything he does. Your hero Punk is a ho

        • Razmos

          All this punk is full time crap has gotta stop, the rock was once a full time wrestler you know, or maybe you didnt know because your parents wouldnt let you watch wrestling until you were 18? Uea the attitude era wasnt very child friendly

  • Noelz

    The shield should definitely disband first…with one of the guys going face…I think Seth’s the best choice for that…and if they wanna bring in a replacement it should be after they give Seth the boot…although they really wouldn’t need to

  • Cubed56

    The Sheild is one of the best things, if not the best thing going on in the wwe right now. There is no reason to split them up for a long time, as doing so will obviously kill there momentum, but also if they do split up, they all could only go after major titles, as going after mid card titles would seem like a step backwards. Especially after they’ve been working exclusively with main event guys, for any of them to feud with the likes of Kingston and Barrett just seems stupid.

  • BobCobb

    The worst part about the shield, is what happens to the camera when they come out!!! I hate when it goes all shaky and zooms in and out real fast. It’s disorienting!!! It infuriates me! Maybe I just need anger management, but it really pisses me off!!!!

    • Smart Mark

      Shut your mouth you sooky little child.

      • BobCobb

        Sooky? That’s the best insult u can come up with? You have no game, that’s why your still a virgin. Hang in there kid, you could always pay for it..

        • Smart Mark

          A guy calling me a virgin over a wrestling news website is probably the most least insulting thing you could have said.

          • BobCobb

            Wasn’t an insult, i was just stating a fact. Your cranky, why don’t u run upstairs and get ur mom to make u a snack. Tell her I say hi

        • Matt

          Careful with the virgin remarks kid! You’ll be calling him worse than Hitler soon! Jesus, internet gangsters…

  • JYD

    Wouldn’t mind seeing the Shield win the tag titles and bring back the Freebird rule. Or have them win Tag titles and also IC or US title. WWE is obviously on board with them. They could bring a little prestige back to the titles. Too many non-title losses over the past 3 to 6 months for those belts.

  • Jazi

    I would love to see a scenario where The Shield gets all the secondary belts (may be even recruit Natalya and help her win the Divas Championship thereby getting her justice) and then start going after the major titles by randomly attacking the then WWE Champion and World Champion.

    I know… it sounds a bit familiar… but seriously… it would be like a return to the old days when a stable used to collect all the belts !!!

  • Mike

    Lets remember what happened when they rushed Alex Riley when he was in the shadow of the miz