Rey Mysterio At Royal Rumble, Evan Bourne's Career De-Railed, Randy Orton Return Update, Luke Gallows

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Could you see Rey Mysterio returning to WWE at Royal Rumble later this month?

Rey Mysterio has been pretty consistent that his goal is to return for Wrestlemania XXVIII in April. Obviously a return at Royal Rumble would mean he is ahead of his rehab schedule and would be kept a surprise. I've heard very little from Mysterio since November when he promoted Wrestlemania tickets going on sale in Miami. You can read comments from Mysterio in an article by The Miami Herald at this link or you can also watch a video update he gave back in October at this link.

What are your thoughts on Evan Bourne getting suspended for the second time?

Evan Bourne's 60-day suspension from WWE for his second violation of the company Wellness Policy is very unfortunate and has the potential to de-rail his promising career. One of the quickest ways for a worker to lose their fan base is to fail a Wellness test. I've found that very passionate wrestling fans have zero tolerance for guys with Wellness problems; however, as we've seen with Jeff and Matt Hardy, they can be very forgiving as well. The main thing Bourne needs to do right now is get his life straight and realize he's literally got one more chance before his dreams are crushed. Bourne is a guy that has defied the odds because of his size and made WWE push him because of how over he was. However, he's in very bad standing right now with two Wellness strikes and backstage heat to boot.

When will Randy Orton return?

Randy Orton was scheduled to return from his back injury at this week's television tapings; however, his return was pushed back. Orton is scheduled for Sunday's Supershow live event from Las Cruces, New Mexico on Sunday. If he returns I would expect him back at next week's TV tapings just in time for final Royal Rumble build.

I've seen Luke Gallows work in Alabama three times since his WWE release. Is there any chance he ends up returning to WWE or going to TNA?

Luke Gallows is currently working for TNA's Ring Ka King promotion in India. He's also on an upcoming indy show in the Philippines featuring several former WWE names (click here for more information). As of this writing there is no interest within WWE in Gallows.

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  • I heard the undertaker will loose this year wrestle mannia so he can retired is that true?

    • Cristina

      No he will not lose. He will retire with his streak intact.And no retirement has yet been confirmed anyway.

      • Blazeking

        It's pretty evident Taker is going to retire after his streak goes to 20-0.

    • Da KiDD

      Keep postin folly like that on here and you gon get got

  • Cristina

    I have NO more sympathy for junkies like Evan Bourne. They take opportunities of a lifetime and flush them down the crapper. I have been a wrestling fan for TWENTY years and everytime I hear of a guy or gal overdosing, or their drug use catching up to them it's like a death in the family. But I'm just a fan, you would THINK that someone like Evan would look at what happened to Eddie Guerrero, and go "hmmm maybe I don't want that to be me."There's no excuses, and the fact that he screwed the pooch twice literally back to back says that he's just a dumbass who let stardom go to his fat head and thinks he's irreplaceable guess what…he's not. I can imagine you get aches and pains from wrestling, but if the only way to deal with that pain is to put that garbage in your system than maybe wrestling isn't for you. These grown men should know better. I say fire his ass, and give his opportunities to someone who deserves it, and won't smoke it away. Like Kofi Kingston who is so talented, but the misfortune of being Evan's partner probably put a huge crimp in his own career.

    • HATER

      What rare you talking about? Eddie died as a result of acute heart failure arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

      • Blazeking

        That heart disease came from years of drug abuse. Where have you been? Eddie even talked about his demons.

      • El.Guapo

        I realise Eddie was one of the most loved professional wrestlers of his generation, but lets be real here, he was one of the worst drug abusers in the entire industry! The really sad part of his story is the fact that he had done alot in his last few years to turn his life around in that aspect but unfortunately the way he abused his body over the years cost him his life.

    • ddd2e

      is it safe to call him a junkie?? i mean people fail w/ LEGAL prescription stuff as well. sometimes not knowing that it will make a false positive. not saying this was evans case, but until we kno the circumstances on the second suspension, its not fair to judge.

    • Silver

      It's easy to judge from behind a keyboard, but consider how difficult it is for anyone to overcome a drug problem, even if it's something like weed or synthetic weed. People say it's non-habit forming but that just isn't true, you can become addicted to anything under the right circumstances, whether it's fast food, video games or even supposedly non-addicting drugs. Now consider the enormous amount of stress, both mental and physical, that comes with being a wrestler. Long hours on the road, constant aches and pains, and the realization that at any time someone who becomes more popular than you can take your spot and your paycheck.

      I'm not saying that Bourne's actions are justifiable, but they are understandable. It is a shame that he made the choices he did, but they were his choices. Turning on him out of anger does not make you a fan, this is a time when he needs support more than ever and hopefully he takes the necessary steps to get his life in order.

    • Jay

      It’s not even illegal is it?? Only a synthetic cannabis. I cant imagine its that good for you but it’s not like he’s on heroin or addicted to pain meds. I think people are over reacting to what is a pretty minor thing. However, it is against the rules in wwe so the suspension is fair enough.

    • Tiago

      you do know that he failed twice due to a synthetic drug similar to weed right? Noone overdoses with weed despite. Of course he's making the error of consuming something illegal in WWE but your comment is way excessive.

    • Mr.Snaps

      To be fair, his suspensions (at least the first) have come from smoking Spice, or synthetic marijuana. This product has never been proven to have any negative physical side effects (aside from the fact that taking smoke into your lungs is generally unhealthy) and is not illegal in most states. Further testing is needed to even prove if it is harmful at all.

      Alcohol is proven to have lasting physical side effects, proven to be fatal in large doses, is responsible for countless automobile related deaths and injuries every year, and is perfectly fine to consume copiously and keep your job in wwe, even with a DUI.

    • Cheddar

      If Evan wore a suit and tie, he would not be suspended. Simple as that. Also, are you on any medications? The things that doctors prescribe these days have been known to cause cancer and other long-term health problems. Also, if you weren't sick, how would doctor's make money? Just step outside for the box and think for one second and put the chips and the remote control down. Riddlin is basically a small dose of Meth ( the chemical name for Riddlin is methylphenidate) so really, Evan Bourne didn't do anything that is much different from what most Americans do or give to their kids every day.

      Straightedge! sXe

  • H.M.

    I really wish WWE would bring back Gallows. He's one excellent big man wrestler, and really deserved more during his time in WWE. Guy could have been a better version of the Big Boss Man…dunno I thought that'd be cool.

  • TPtheKid

    For real, the guy was just smoking synthetic pot, not taking pain killers. The synthetic weed cannot kill you. You cannot overdose on it. Anyone who says otherwise obviously has no idea what they are talking about. And if they use the example of the teen who smoked it out of a pez dispenser, then they are glossing over the fact that it was probably the plastic pez dispenser that killed him, not the synthetic, but I digress. Give the guy a break. He's not Jeff or Matt Hardy. He's not some strung out junkie who can barely fuction. He's a young guy who is trying to have fun and deal with some aches and pains from his job. He should just smoke real weed. No suspension if he gets caught and the fine woul be less money than 60 days of no pay. Yea weed can be a gateway drug, but there are plenty of people who smoke weed and never do another type of drug in their life. If he isn't fired bc of this, let's see what happens. If he gets caught again, he's just a moron. If he cleans up, everything is fine and dandy and everyone who villified him will forget all about this.

  • bcfuy

    potential to be a star studded royal,if we can get rey,randy,alberto,jericho,christian,HHH,AND Foley's return all in 1 match. santino will be in the final four

  • G Ilyas

    I think the reason why the Hardyz were "forgiven" is due in part to a huge part of their fanbase consisting of kids and girls/women. Bourne/Sydal on the other hand is (or perhaps used to be) backed up by the IWC. It thus makes sense that we hear a lot more about his two strikes.

    • Cristina

      I gave up on the Hardyz long ago , and I am a woman. I also learned long ago that you can only get help for any addiction if you WANT it. That's why I am so angry with Bourne. He seemed like such a bright guy, but to get caught with your pants down twice in just a month or two's time? How does ANYONE see that as ok? Either he's TRYING to get fired, or he truly is in need of help. But look at Scott Hall how many people tried to help him? Only he can help himself. And yeah this phony weed may be minor, but sometimes things do get out of control. Don't any of you guys remember your "Just Say No to Drugs 101" classes at school. It makes me sick to see a young cat like Bourne ruin his whole life like this.

      • G Ilyas

        Don't get me wrong Cristina I'm definitely not putting all female fans in the Hardyz' marks section. And I'm totally feeling the same way toward Evan Bourne. I am already against the use any kind of drugs, weed and alcohol, which makes me even more upset knowing how big of an opportunity he's missed with such behavior. Too bad CM Punk is not regarded as a role model as far as staying addiction-free goes.

  • steve2

    I can’t imagine the toll guys like bourne and jeff hardy are putting on their bodies. They both take some really sick bumps and must be in constant pain. The shooting star press looks like it causes a tremendous amount of trauma to a wrestlers vitals regardless of whether or not they can land it perfectly. I don’t fault him for seeking pain relief and I think he should get a break or at least give him some time off every once in a while to recuperate.

  • @ease9310

    Awesome I finally know Mysterio's e-mail from the video link that was near the video thingy.If you want to know his e-mail,his e-mail is [email protected] you enjoyed this VOTE UP!!

  • Jaryd

    Um **raises hand** I in no way shape or form forgive Matt and Jeff… they're buffoons, just saying.

  • brada 619

    i hope reys at da royal rumble if he is heʻs gana win