Rey Mysterio Begins Knee Rehab Yet Again

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Rey Mysterio is out again with a left knee injury. While it's true he won't need surgery, he's about to begin more physical therapy to rehabilitate the injury.

"About to start Physical Therapy! I'm on a mission!" Mysterio declared on Twitter. He then linked to this photo of his knee wrapped. Make sure you follow us on Instagram at

  • I don’t like what I’m about to say but wouldn’t it be smart for Rey to just hand his boots up for in-ring? and assume a role as Sin Caras manager for rest of his contract? Because Rey seems to do be doing more damage to his knee that good.

  • PFElton

    Rey Jr. needs to retire. His in-ring quality has slipped so far in the last decade it’s almost pitiful.

  • Kenneth

    Rey should just hang his boots up and get his legs replaced with a little motorised cart or pogo sticks or moon boots something. They’ll last longer than his knees will if he comes back ater this latest rehab.