Rey Mysterio Discusses His Injury, Treatment & In-Ring Return

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Dot com has a new interview online with Rey Mysterio ahead of WWE's tour of Mexico. In it, he talks about the injury that has kept him out of the ring. His problem is with the ACL in his left knee that he first tore in 1997. His last surgery was in 2011 and he returned too soon by working SummerSlam 2012 through January of this year.

Rather than undergoing another surgery, Mysterio has been doing stem cell treatment under Dr. James Andrews. Basically, they extract blood from the bone marrow and inject it with two other ingredients directly into his left knee joint. The goal is to regrow knee cartilage on his own.

Mysterio, who is advertised to appear on WWE's shows in Mexico, is hoping to return to the ring by Thanksgiving or Christmas, although he wouldn't rule out getting involved on the Mexican loop. He said he hasn't thought about retirement and it's not something that is going to happen within the next two or three years.

Click here to read the dot com interview in its entirety.

  • John

    Rey Mysterio has been out injured for a long time now…. If only he had the same work ethic as John Cena has then maybe he could make a miraculous comeback in half the time!! Lol!!

    The WWE’s video packages about Cena’s “incredible” recovery are a joke.

    • Republicans suck

      Only person around who is a joke is you, you fat sack of………

  • Bob’s Diner

    Something tells me the Mexican fans won’t be too pleased if he doesn’t get in the ring at all on this tour, since he has been the main attraction of an otherwise lame lineup they have sent