Rey Mysterio Injury Update

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Rey Mysterio, who is currently out due to undisclosed personal issues and a knee injury, provided the following update on his Twitter page:


  • KRS

    This is a relief, I had a sinking feeling he was done for good.

    • I still wonder.

      • BlazeKing

        I don’t. Rey won’t leave until Sin Cara can fully replace him. He’s even trying to teach him how to be fluent in English so he can do promos properly without a mouthpiece.

        Rey’s body is seriously beat up. He’s been wrestling since he was a lil scrawny teenager and had a lot of pretty brutal matches. The beatdown he got from Eddie where he beat the mask off of him is something that I can never forget. That whole scene was longer than what was shown on television. I was there in person and I can tell you… Rey absorbed some punishment for about 5-7 minutes after the match ended!

  • H.M.

    With all the injuries lately, I’m beginning to wonder whether or not Rey is even fit to wrestle anymore. Maybe he should hang them up…but that’s obviously for Rey to decide. It sucks to see him MiA at yet another Wrestlemania. I don’t think we’ve seen him on the card since 2011. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

    • H.M.

      2010 sorry*

      • You were right with 2011 he faced Cody Rhodes at WM 27

        • H.M.

          Oh, right my bad.

  • Michael

    I wouldn’t talk retirement for Rey I think that he just really needs to take the proper time off to recover and not rush back for Vince or any other reason. Rey has either rushed back or been rushed back.

    • Yung

      I’m starting to wonder how much longer Vince is gonna have hope in Rey considering that it looks like they are kinda helping Sin Cara get a small push. He beat Antonio Cesaro at a live event.

    • Yung

      *WWE Main Event not live event lol my bad

  • rey every time injured…i think he will retired soon as possible