Rey Mysterio Notably Absent From WWE Live Event

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Rey Mysterio Tweeted on Friday afternoon he was on his way to Oaktown for WWE's live event from the Oracle Arena. The problem is, Mysterio didn't appear on the show as advertised.

We have quick results and this link and you can view his Tweet below:

  • Dave Barton

    Last guy I remember who no-showed with no warning & no explanation…Benoit.

    • Rus

      Wow jumping the gun a bit

    • BIG M

      Thats sick he probably just had car trouble or something.

      • Dave Barton

        Not suggesting he went the same route as Benoit, the no-show & no explanation just took me back a few years.

    • Danny_Boy

      Well actually the last guy to no show with no warning or explanation was that douche CM Punk. How could miss that

    • Jimmy

  • michael

    Its Oakland not Oaktown.

    • LeBron James

      Oaktown is a nickname for Oakland.

      • michael

        I know but it is a news story. Not all know Oakland has a nickname.