Rey Mysterio Returns To WWE

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Rey Mysterio returned to WWE on this week's Raw Supershow, hitting Alberto Del Rio with the 619.

Del Rio had just beaten Zack Ryder and had him in a cross-arm breaker before Mysterio made the save.

Rey has been out all year with a knee injury and 60-day suspension due to his second violation of the WWE Wellness Policy.

  • Blake

    Yeah finally 619 is back oh yeah

  • Pizzaman

    Awwwwwwwwww yahhhhhhhhhhh

  • A.J.

    The 1000th raw is a week away, and Is being treated like it’s a wrestlemania. How ridiculous to have him return the week before. UnbelievBly stupid, another bad move by creative.

    • XKonn247

      Or the alternative be the obviousness of returning him on the 1,000th RAW? It’s a good little Pre 1000ty swerve!

    • Logan_Walker

      Well No Because Then Next Week They Could Have Some Match Up Like

      Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio Vs. Alberto Del Rio & WWE FAN's Pick

  • Kleck

    Awesome. I was surprised he didn’t come back sooner by about a month. Glad to see Ray back and he can continue his fued with Rio

  • Thumpa

    If he returned next week it would be the 67th most interesting return, this week was more special

  • Kieran

    Good move to bring him back this week as his return would have been lost in the madness which is RAW 1000