Rey Mysterio Reveals Which Match He'd Like To Compete In At WrestleMania, A Possible Match With Sin Cara, More

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Rey Mysterio was recently interviewed by WDFN The Fan and discussed a number of topics involving his eventual return to the ring. Rey once again said that he is trying to make his return to the ring by WrestleMania XXVIII, and also said that he has an idea of what his ring attire would look like for the event. In addition, he predicted that Sheamus will go over Daniel Bryan at the event. When asked who Rey would like to face at the event, he responded:

"If I do make it, and I kinda sneak in the picture, if there's a Money in the Bank, I'm willing to step right in there and take that briefcase."

The host then brought up a possible match-up between Rey and Sin Cara, to which Rey responded:

"Yeah, everyone wants to see that, and y'know, I'm all up for it. As soon as everything is ready to go - my knee is ready to go and I can step in the ring and move the way I know how to move, I'm down.

Click here to listen to the full interview.

  • sforester

    And that would be a very bad idea. It's not so much that I'm averse to Rey returning in the first place (which, given all his knee injuries, I really am)…. It's the fact that MITB winners, for the most part, used the win to springboard (no pun intended) into the main event scene. RVD jumped into the main event scene and spent a good bit of time in there, Edge springboarded into a serious main-eventer with his MITB win and established himself by stealing Kennedy's case. Punk's first win didn't do much, but the second put Punk right at the top as a Straightedge heel. Swagger's push failed massively due to bigger storylines around. Miz got his push into the main event with his win. Kane's career was resurrected with his MITB win. Del Rio got the boost, but only time will tell with him. Daniel Bryan's gotten a massive boost into the top heel on Smackdown. Rey doesn't really need the MITB win to get over and doesn't need the title at this point in his career.

    • jake

      He obviously answered that question in character. I wouldn't take it that seriously.

      • sforester

        Yeah, Brodus Clay was "in character" when he made that tweet about destroying Morrison…next thing ya know, here comes the Funkasaurus as a joke.

    • Shin Blade

      Swagger’s Push Was Halted Due To Behavioral Problems Backstage…

    • Razmos01

      Nothing wrong with Rey having another title run, in terms of injurys, its a risky business people get injured, how many times do u hear about a wrestler having surgery, how many countless surgerys has Taker had to make sure he can still perform? The WWE needs wrestlers like Rey, even with all the knee surgerys he still goes out there and goes high risk just to put on a show for the fans!!

    • XKonn247

      Knee injuries are part of the biz. How many times did HHH tear his MCL? Or Orton blow put his shoulder? Or get concussed. Personally I’ve broken both legs, one twice, ruptured tendons and ligaments and blown out my shoulder playing soccer. I wouldn’t give it up though. If you love something you do it until you can’t go anymore. And it’s safe to say only Rey will make that call.

      • Nigel

        I like this comment cause I play baseball and I got hit by the ball on my knee I couldn’t walk for a week I was running I broke my ankle and I still play cause I love the sport u can’t stop after 1 injury or more if u can go go and do it it was his dream to be wwe star

    • TakerMania

      does the word " Kayfabe " mean anything to you ,sir ?

  • Ben

    Wwe really should do a mitb DVD with all the matches and when they were cashed in

  • Jimmy

    It probably won’t be long now until we get the first person to cash it in and lose.

    • Paul

      Yeah it’s a little predictable now with everyone who wins mitb to cash it in and win the title.

      • TheVoid

        Problem with that is, with all the hype, first person to cash it in and lose is gonna be looked down upon and probably bumped out of the main event status. Who is gonna take that dive?

        • Terra Ryzing

          I don’t think it would necessarily bump someone out of the main event spot. I think if done correctly it could be part of a huge catapult into the main event. I could see them doing that with Drew McIntyre in his current situation.

  • BreakDownTheWalls89

    I really love the passion Rey has for the business. And if you're a high-flyer like Rey, injuries can come just like that. I mean, look at Sin Cara. He has jumped through the ropes so many times. And then he landed wrong for just that one moment. And what, he's out for about 9 months to a year. Anyway, if you have a passion for the business you will make it to the desired event. John Cena made it to Royal Rumble 2008 and Edge has done it so many times eg Royal Rumble 2010. So I will expect to see Rey at WrestleMania.

  • Marc

    It would be good if Santino wins MITB and loses it. Then we can take him more seriously.