Rey Mysterio Says He's Battling A "Serious Illness"

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Rey Mysterio noted on Twitter he is battling a "serious illness." Below are his Tweets:

  • mjledesma

    HGH withdrawals? What TOO SOON?

    • proud

      Yep and never too soon, he looks a mess, sadly

    • Mitch

      What are they?

      • Ken

        Human Growth Hormone.

        File it under a generic 'roids' classification.

      • Daarko

        I think it’s human growth hormones maybe. That’s what the tone of the comments suggest, but I’m not American so I can’t be sure 🙂

      • Zatch

        Hgh is human growth hormone. It’s a chemical naturally found in the body but is also used for muscle growth

  • PhilT81

    He doesn’t know what a ‘serious’ illness is.

  • Ken

    He's battling "I'm-too-old-and-roided-up-and-my-knees-are-too-f**ked-to-go-anymore-itis".

    • Loki P

      Sweet … 🙂

  • Miss Paula – USA

    Praying for you brother. Take care of yourself.