Rey Mysterio Suffers Concussion At WWE SummerSlam

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The official WWE website is reporting that Rey Mysterio suffered a concussion during his match with The Miz at WWE SummerSlam last Sunday. The article is citing The Miz's sit-down powerbomb as the probable cause, and continues in the excerpt below:

According to WWE physician Michael Sampson, Mysterio “had the first [test] on Monday, which showed us that he was below baseline. The physical exam was normal, but neuropsych testing was below normal. That’s the beauty of neuropsych testing,” he explained. “Based on reaction time and memory, we can measure on a computer, and he was below his baseline. That saves [Mysterio] from causing further injury from the concussion."

It was also confirmed that Mysterio will not return to in-ring action until he is at baseline and passes an exertion test. To be determined at baseline, Mysterio must pass the aforementioned impact/neuropsych test later in the week. Only then will he be permitted to undergo exertion testing.’s source estimated that the former WWE Champion “will probably be taking [the impact test today] if he’s still symptom-free, or later on this week.”

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  • Logan_Walker

    "’s source" – Who is their source a WWE Doctor ?

    • Nick

      "According to WWE physician Michael Sampson…"


  • Daniel

    Well, the Miz can say goodbye to the Intercontinental title. I say he loses it by night if champions.

    • Ethan

      Miz did nothing wrong, it happens all the time

    • Daniel

      Remeber the last time Somebody (R-truth) had a concussion from the Miz? What happened after that? We saw The Miz go on a losing streak, film a movie nobody’s going to see, only to finally gain back some relevance by winning the Intercontinental title at Raw 1000 half a year later.

  • Blake

    Wow and he just came back from injury as well

  • Thisguy

    Mystery is way too injury prone. He’s the Bob Sanders of the WWE.

    • Kleck

      The Colts need a safety

  • proud

    Wellness policy violation anybody?

    • samantha_reichle

      agree. let us see how long he will be off tv.

    • Mohammad Abulawi

      NO, if it's wellness violation he will be FIRED since this year was his second violation and if he does it again then we can say bye bye rey

      • Matt

        That’s the point. No way wwe wants to get rid of one of their top draws and merch guys

  • good grief, Mysterio needs to retire he is WAY to injury prone.

  • Matt

    I thought I saw the ref throw up the X symbol after that powerbomb and way too much conversation between the three. Glad to see they're not taking it lightly. I hope The Miz doesn't get in trouble. Not his fault, at least 100%

  • Mohammad Abulawi

    i would like to thank every single person that works for this website and check the comments before they'er added on here thank you so much, you go on other website's and you see comments for this story like Mysterio just needs to die or some horrible stuff that i can't and will not post on this website. if this is not a story line i did hear miz is a sloppy worker and sometimes just hard to work with. miz gave the same thing to r-truth will just different way, but still truth got hurt.

  • Joe O.

    I could have sworn by watching the PPV and watching this match, that The Miz was the one with the concussion. Did anyone notice how out of it he looked after winning the match? Reminded me of Wrestlemania when he beat Cena.

  • Daarko

    Go back and watch the powerbomb. Mysterios head hits the canvas pretty hard, I noticed it right away. The First minute after the move was awkward because he wasnt Ready to continue

  • JasonGaza

    Miz is always hurting someone, remember what he did to R-Truth and now Rey? If you tell me, Miz is too loose of a fighter and he needs to tighten up. He may just lose that title, Damn movie star.

  • _JIM_

    Mysterio is getting to be quite brittle and easily injured now a days. Might be time to start to consider hanging it up before something bad happens to him that could have a negative effect on his health for the rest of his life. I’d hate to see him go but these injuries are happening a little to frequently to him. I hope he’s ok and that the effects from this concussion don’t linger for him like they did for Sidney Crosby. Crosby missed almost an entire hockey season due to concussion.

  • Oh No this is Rey ‘s 2 injure in the past year

  • Ken

    Remember when I was saying that Rey can't go any more, and that he'd be back for a little bit then take six months off with an injury, and people thumbed me down and said I was talking nonsense?
    Looks like he's working ahead of even my cynical schedule.
    Seriously, Rey needs to hang up the mask and go do something else with his life. He's far too injury prone at this stage in his career and it's not doing him or anyone else any favours sticking around and risking further injuries.
    Sad, perhaps, but true nonetheless.

  • The Egg

    Rey is too injury prone

    • Richard Gray

      I'm not sure how suffering a concussion makes someone injury prone. A pulled or torn muscle is one thing but a serious head injury… Come on man!

  • Chris

    I think concussion is a little too harsh to say someone is injury prone. A hit in the head is a hit in the head.