Rey Mysterio To Return To Action On Raw Tonight

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WWE Mobile Alerts just sent out the following:

BREAKING NEWS: Rey Mysterio is in NJ and will compete tonight on Raw presented by Hot Pockets brand sandwiches.

Mysterio was absent from Raw last week and WWE's recent tour of Egypt due to a "serious illness," and is set to face Team Rhodes Scholars tonight alongside Sin Cara to determine the #1 contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championship.

  • Mike Gilreath

    Is this where they “hurt” him and he goes back out?

    • Ken

      Kind of.
      This is where he's failed a wellness test, likely steroid substitutes, where he's tried to cheat the system and failed.
      This is where his popularity with the kiddies and the Hispanics saves his career, again (merch and ratings).
      This is where he suffers a mysterious (no pun intended) elbow/knee/pinky finger injury and needs to go into surgery for a few weeks, and they write him off the show with a fake fake injury to cover up the real fake injury used to cover up the wellness test.

      Cynical? Perhaps, but not without cause in Rey's case.