Rey Mysterio's Return, Thoughts On Alex Shelley To WWE, When We Could See The New NXT, Orton Under Utilized?

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When will Rey Mysterio return?

Given his 60-day suspension from WWE due to his second Wellness Policy violation, Rey Mysterio isn't eligible to return to the company until the latter part of next month. I heard the company is working to extend his contract based on dates he's missed from his recent knee injury but we're still a month away from a possible return due to the suspension.

What are your thoughts on WWE possibly signing Alex Shelley?

Interest in Alex Shelley literally materialized over the weekend. If he does sign with WWE, he'll have a lot of work to do. Shelley is a great in-ring performer but will have to fight in order to prevent from getting buried on WWE television as we all know it's an uphill climb for TNA stars with Vince McMahon. I posted a new update earlier this morning that gives more details surrounding his TNA departure, interest from WWE and another name that looks to be following him. You can read it at this link.

Out of curiosity, since WWE is gonna wait until a TV deal is made on the new season of NXT, how close are they to getting a deal through? Will it be sooner rather than later? And any possibility of it being on Syfy, USA Network, G4, or any other NBC/Comcast owned network?

Vince McMahon has said for several months there are already deals out there to air both WWE NXT and WWE Superstars domestically and while nothing has been announced, it seems like it's a situation where the company is working out formalities. Given McMahon's rhetoric, it certainly seems it will be sooner than later when we see the revamped WWE NXT.

Do you feel Randy Orton is under utilized in WWE?

Randy Orton is viewed as number two behind John Cena as the "faces of WWE" but I haven't been a fan of the way he's been book lately. More specifically, I didn't like WWE putting him under to Kane at Wrestlemania.

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  • Logan_Walker

    I heard that they were going to wait untill the end of this season of NXT was over to then air the new one… but i just laughed its never going to be over untill there is a "US Domestic Deal"

  • OneShotDeal

    Vince only really hates on the TNA stars who left WWE and then came crawling back. Those who jump ship from Orlando to up north without any previous history seem to get a slightly better crack at things…

    • urnemystic

      who? like the maximos? or chris harris/braden walker?

    • Fernando

      Actually, Shelley had a tryout match in WWE, in 2005 versus Simon Dean. However, I guess it will have zero influence on how Alex would be treated.

    • Ken

      A slightly better crack?! I got two for ya; Chris Harris.

    • BigMike

      ones who leave then come back are treated like garbage, that being said with the exception of Harris who came into WWE out of shape how many TNa people have left and went to WWE Kid Kash? he didnt ;last Frankie "the future"? he didnt last either… And alot of the TNA stars were in WWE at the start of their career Look it up on YouTube SamoaJoe AJ (( who was in WCW AND WWE)) Roode Even Punk was there before he went to TNA and ROH then back to WWE Bottom Line …..If Vince didnt "discover" you u are pretty much screwed
      with VERY few exceptions like Punk

  • Brax10

    The wrestler following him better be Sabin, otherwise I give up on life.

  • Lil Wayne YMCMB

    it will be an embarassing moment for hogan and bischoff, when the revamped NXT surpasses impact wrestling in ratings!!! I hope NXT airs on Thursday nights

  • Jeremy

    it seems to me, and feel free to your opinions, that they've been using Randy Orton as an upper card jobber as of late. It seems to me that he's being utilized just to guy's over, only winning when its absolutely necessary to keep him as 'the number two guy'.

  • Ricky

    The Revolution Video could lead up to the announcement of a NXT TV deal.

  • Chris

    Chris Harris would have had a much better chance had he not turned up as the ‘Wildfat’ Chris Harris.

    • Dangerous Lee

      Wildfat Chris Harris vs Fatt hardy at wm29 for the title of fattest in the world!

    • CJ ROB

      Or if he had showed up to work in even half way decent shape?

    • BigMike

      he turned up in WWE as Braden Walker and was about 25 pounds overweight compared to when he was in TNA

  • The Breaker

    Jericho should be a nice opponent for Orton, since he seems to be putting everyone over lately (as has Orton). However, I would like to see Orton chasing the title again soon. He and Sheamus work very well together in the ring, as seen on Smackdown last week.

    • bruno

      Jericho does not need to face Orton. They are both veterans who have nothing to prove.

      • The Breaker

        That may be true, but a Jericho/Orton feud makes the most sense considering the way things are currently booked. As great as a Cody Rhodes/ Randy Orton feud could be, Smackdown still needs a face at the top of the card along with Sheamus. It would be very tough for Sheamus to carry the show on his own. And he's still trying to prove that he's a viable long-term champion. Anyway, I really like Cody, but at this point he's not being pushed as a main eventer. But, I am confident that one day (soon) he will be headlining PPVs.

    • smark

      they are fueding because orton punt kicked Jericho to write jericho off tv when his contract was up

  • Howard Stern

    I honestly think that Randy Orton is one of the more boring people in WWE. Every one of his matches unfold the same exact way, week after week. It's silly the way matches follow such strict guidelines these days, it's just become so boring. I keep tuning in praying for more matches like Cena/Brock with more violence and spots that really make you wonder if they're going to be ok.

    • Toby Tyler

      Completely agree Howard .. all those that complain about Cena, Orton is same if not worse – his mic skills are average, his matches seem to be clones. Scoop slam, on the rope DDT, RKO .. The Shaemus conflict has been the most exciting storyline for him in awhile.

  • sroney

    Alex Shelley is great in the ring and on the microphone, but he doesn't really have the look

  • Paul

    I was a big fan of him going under to Kane at wrestlemania

  • jeb

    Orton is just a dark Cena, saying he is "sick and twisted" every week. He had much better mic skills years ago as the cocky heel

  • Bignut72

    Where is the story about TNA suing WWE? Richard is normally 1st on this so I hope he has some awesome exclusive news on this.

    • Adi

      i cant believe my fav wreslter CM Punk was at first liked because of straight edge hardcore stuff he was a good guy but now hes a bad ass ownage and he is still liked wdf?! awsome!

  • Energizer

    If ever Sabin will not follow Shelley to WWE then team him up with Evan Bourne.

  • Jaryd

    Why is there so much support for Orton hate in the IWC? Is it because he works an old style and it's not ROH enough or what? Because from where I'm sitting he is one of the best workers in the company. He's not flashy, but he's methodical, kinda reminds me of the territory days. (and I'm 23 so saying I'm old and out of touch won't work)

  • Kevin

    This is why TNA will never be a decent competitor against WWE. TNA doesn't know how to hang on to its good talent, and keeps picking up WWE's scraps. If Shelley leaves TNA, I hope Sabin goes with him. The Motor City Machine Guns are an awesome team, bringing back memories of The Rockers, The Midnight Express, and countless others from the glory days of tagteam wrestling. If WWE is truly going to revive the tagteam division, they couldn't do much better than the MCMG.

  • Joe

    I was a fan over Kane going over orton, it established Kane as a monster heel and honestly orton is one of the most robotic wrestlers in wwe if it all relied on talent he’ be lucky to be where he is now