More On Rey Mysterio's Unhappiness In WWE & Desire To Return To Mexico

There's an interesting story that's been brewing in regards to Rey Mysterio's future with WWE. His Performer's Contract was up in May, however, WWE added time because of injury.

WWE's position in the months leading up to May was that Mysterio would re-sign, however, once it became apparent he might leave to return to Mexico, those efforts were increased. Mysterio hasn't been happy in quite some time, with issues going back to the way the company handed his second violation of the WWE Wellness Policy in April 2012.

For those that do not remember, the company knew of Mysterio's failure well before he was suspended in April 2012 as he was tested two months earlier. However, WWE was hoping he would be able to return from injury to work Wrestlemania 28 that year. The feeling amongst some of the workers is that Mysterio got heat when he told the office he wouldn’t be ready to return in time for the pay-per-view. Most felt that had Mysterio been able to work Wrestlemania that year, the failure would have "swept under the rug." Mysterio failed the test due to a nasal spray.

Additionally, he's one of many workers upset about the decrease in pay-per-view bonuses that are the result of the WWE Network. He's not seen as someone that needs the money and is believed to be more interested in working outside of WWE. Basically the company is refusing to let him go by extending his contract due to time lost because of injury. There were recently rumors that Mysterio had stopped depositing checks from WWE, in hopes of taking some sort of action to force his release.

Mysterio's friend Konnan used the attention he drew for his criticism of the way WWE handled the release of Alberto Del Rio to promote Rey's cause by use of the Twitter hashtag #FreeRey. In fact, he Tweeted the following earlier on Wednesday afternoon:

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  • Venom

    1. This may get me some criticism but what is Mysterio complaining about? He’s injured and sits at home collecting a paycheck. Healthy people who can’t get a regular job would be killing for that. It’s not like he’s young and can make more money somewhere else cuz WWE is holding back.

    2. How is nasal spray a violation?

    • Bob’s Diner

      I don’t think he is particularly injured right now – seems more like he is doing a CM Punk and just sitting at home

      • Patrick Steele

        That doesn’t change the fact that he gets injured every time he gets in the ring.

  • jdl

    I still don’t understand why Mysterio is even having a problem. The guy has been out on injury for what feels like years, it seems like he hasn’t been relevant since 2012. He’ll pop up on occasion but for the most part his knees are so bad that he can’t regularly wrestle. WWE should just cut their losses and let him go, he’s of little value to them at this point since their main market, children, are quickly reaching a point where they’re too young to know him, were too young to remember him, or are now too old to care about a 5’6″ guy who hasn’t been around for two years. Set him free, watch him go to AAA and then wash your hands of it when he winds up so broken down that he’s in a wheelchair due to the long term damage his incredibly stupid actions have incurred. He should have toned down his style years ago, yet he still wrestles like his knees still have cartilage.

    • Venom

      Me hen the guy shows up every few years he still wrestles with a shirt on for obvious reasons.

  • Patrick

    the whole issue is stupid WWE should let him go.

  • Bob’s Diner

    While I don’t agree with it, WWE are smart to hold on to Rey; if he had been able to leave when he wanted he would have been an integral part of the AAA/El Rey launch, which would get it more publicity and also draw away latino fans from the current WWE product (since there is now no one to fill that gap). So it is very smart business to hold on to him for as long as possible. By the time he gets out, his value will be even lower.

    • Venom

      If Hogan, Flair, Sting and so many others couldn’t help TNA, I doubt Reg or Del Rio Re gonna help AAA. They won’t hurt the company (depending g on their salary expectations). But I don’t think much will happen. All they might do is piss off younger wrestlers who were expecting to be the face of the promotion.

      • Bob’s Diner

        Rey is important to the latino fanbase. Pretty sure a new show on a latino channel using a big latino star would make an impact. But it is a moot point because WWE are clearly holding on to Rey so he can’t go anywhere else. Rumour is they are looking to prevent Del Rio (El Patron) from being able to go elsewhere as well, so WWE are obviously concerned about their hold on the latino audience

  • Nate

    Let Rey go everytime he is in the ring, he gets injured anyway. I used to be a fan of his but its not even worth fighting for him to stay. Ever since 2006 after he got injured, I knew he was damaged. Now he was wants to go to Mexico & wrestle? To be with some WWE/WCW reject like Konnan, who career has been nothing. Well let him. When the money from all those “WWE Checks goes away” & he gets to old to wrestle, he will be looking for those checks he didn’t cash & for checks in general, there won’t be any legends deal or nothing.