Rhodes Scholars Back Together, The Rock Wrestling, Mysterio Pulled, Brock vs. Rock

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Why are the Rhodes Scholars still competing together if they've been broken up?

The on-again, off-again booking of The Rhodes Scholars underscores the indecision of Vince McMahon. One minute he wants a viable tag team division, the next he wants to focus on singles pushes. When Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes reunited last weekend on live events it was a special occasion, now they'll work the Elimination Chamber pre-show. Vince has wanted to push Damien in singles so when the tag team was split it was seen as a path to clear the way. Now it's believed Sandow's push is being stalled due to Wrestlemania build. Keeping him with Rhodes seems to be a holding pattern.

I for one am getting very tired of seeing The Rock come out and cut all his promos, wouldn't it make more sense if we actually wrestled on Raw instead of continually talking?

I've gone on record in writing that The Rock "must wrestle" on free TV to remain relevant to the viewers. While I'll admit I was overstating to illustrate how vital I think it is he works, it's my belief that no matter how good one is on the mic they are bound to get stale without actually working. This is why I'm against overexposing legends that are physically unable to wrestle because their star will eventually fade if they can't backup their talk. So to answer your question, yes it would make more sense for him to wrestle.

Why was Rey Mysterio pulled from the Elimination Chamber Match at the pay-per-view on Sunday?

We reported here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com that Rey Mysterio was pulled from the pay-per-view due to ongoing personal issues. We also noted he's been pulled from the Raw tour of Qatar and Turkey and replaced by Mark Henry.

What do you think of The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 29 for the WWE Championship?

I'd be in favor of The Rock defending the WWE Championship against Brock Lensar at Wrestlemania, however, it's not the direction WWE is going. Rock is scheduled to rematch John Cena while Lesnar is scheduled to rematch Triple H. Apparently there has been talk of doing Rock vs. Brock at SummerSlam later this year.

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  • Mark Henry seems like an easy swap for Rey Mysterio – the two are very similar in both style and appearance after all.

    • Especially since Punk is working after knee surgery and being dropped on his head last week. Mark Henry is such a pure worker that’s always careful with his opponents. 😉 Haha

      • If Punk survived Rybotch, he can survive The Worlds Weakest Work Rate !

      • Pluto

        Why are you in favor of a Rock/Lesnar title match up if they are both only part-time. Were do you see the long term potential in that? Wouldn’t it make more sense for Rock too drop the title too a full time guy too give them the rubgoing forwars?

        • Jimmy

          IMO i don’t really care about the WWE title at mania, but they should have Rock/Brock with or without the title simply for entertainment purposes.

        • EricDraven86

          Rock vs Brock:

          Both already have a hell of a rub to give, so putting one over the other makes the victor(a part-timer) that much hotter. Then move on to previous winner (let’s say Rock) vs full-timer.

          Rock losing clean to any full timer would potentially be the biggest rub one could ever receive.

          Personally, I would prefer Rock vs. someone like Ziggler, and same story with Brock. Not necessarily Ziggy, but someone who is on the verge of being a top guy and needs that little push over the line.
          Cena doesn’t really need the rub, as one could argue he has already had a “hall of fame worthy career”.

          • I somehow figure that Rock V Brock would never happen, Rock is “fragile” and probably doesnt want to be injured, then we have Brock Lesnar, a loose cannon

    • Dangerous Lee

      I love sarcasm

    • I laughed and smiled

  • The Awesome James

    I for one would quite like to see The Rock go up against someone like Dolph Ziggler on Raw. Easy enough to set up, Rock makes some joke about AJ being crazy, Dolph challenges him to a match either there and then or the following week. Dolph makes Rock look like a billion bucks, everyone gets to see Rock on Raw, and Dolph gets some TV time. Plus I honestly think Rock vs the “menage a trois” could be a pretty entertaining promo segment…

    • Kenneth

      Unfortunately that makes too much sense. Sad to think that WWE Creative can’t think of something so easy.

      • Pluto

        Creative isn’t the problem, McMaon constantly changing his mind on creative plans that are pitched too him seem too more of the issue here.

        • Kenneth

          Point. I tend to automatically include Vince in the equation when I refer to Creative. As you say, the buck does stop with him.

        • Just saying

          And like you .. Creative is burnt out “too”

          • Pluto

            TEACH them how too keep trolling buddy. Good day sir.

          • Jupiter

            I say good day! Now good day!!

    • David F

      Plus Ziggler can carry most of the match and it can help the Rock get in ring shape for his Wrestlemania match with Cena.

    • Jimmy

      Ziggler sells moves the best out of any superstar so i agree, this match would make the Rock look good heading into EC or WM.

  • doubleb1076

    lol. yea thats already been done before too. summerslam 2003. rock vs brock. so rematch 10 yrs later. Just like Hogan vs Warrior rematch in WCW 8 yrs later

    • I think you meant SummerSlam 2002 but The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar in 2013 is much bigger than the bout 11 years ago. The Rock is an A list actor and Lesnar a former UFC champion. Both are MUCH bigger stars

      • doesn’t mean the match would be different. Besides them not being able to work as good as they use to. Bigger stars doesn’t mean better match. I’d rather NOT see this match happen at all

        • Not about work in WWE, especially at Wrestlemania. All about the draw.

          • sir-rusty82

            Richard have youheard if in the part time contracts if they would do any matches on raw. I just think it would smash the ratings threw the roof if either of them would have a match but as they have not there has to be a reason for it

          • I don’t know the verbiage but Rock needs to work. I was against it last year (due to once in a lifetime) but this year he’s got way too many dates to talk his way through.

          • sir-rusty82

            Can you find out from your sources it would be interesting to find out if we will see brock or rock ikn the ring at raw. Id just like to say good work your doing while Im talking to you Richard

      • Cheddar

        The Rock is not an A-list actor. He has not/will not ever star or even be in a supporting role for a movie that wins an Oscar or anything like that. He might make a crap ton of money, but saying Rock is an A-list actor is like saying Pauly Shore is an A-list actor

        • I just disagree here. Take a look at the movies he’s starred in. He’s a box office success. I know it eats people and liking Rocky isn’t exactly the trendy thing to do in the IWC, but the fact of the matter is he “made it.”

        • Jimmy

          Oscar? Your asking for too much pal, to be an A-list actor you must be in a movie that atleast makes it to the theaters and becomes a grossing and box office success. Which The Rock has done.

      • doubleb1076

        yea i meant 2002. ur right

    • Rayner Chee-bai

      It’s SummerSlam 2002 to be exact where Brock vs Rock happened. In 2003, it’s Lesnar vs Angle rematch from WrestleMania XIX

      • doubleb1076

        yea i know. i goofed. but i dont want to c a rematch between the 2 altogether

    • stoney

      hogan vs warrior in wcw was the worst match ever. Two senior citizens blowing every basic move plus it was filled with Vince Russo like stunts

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    A “WrestleMania quality” match been dragged down to SummerSlam just to give our Johnny boy a rub? Brock vs Rock is a match we’ve been waiting for since 2002 rather than the so-called “Once In A Lifetime” turned “Twice In A Lifetime” match between Rock and Cena. *sigh*

    • shane

      i agree i also want Brock Vs Rock

  • I can’t help but think we’ll be seeing Mysterio future endeavored before too long

    • Pluto

      Not gonna happen

    • I was wondering why he wasnt already… i had seen him advertised out here by philly for a “extreme reunion” event 12/29, where he ended up in a match n winning it? i think its a matter of time now…

  • thought wrestlemania was a show to see SOMETHING fresh, 2 of the biggest matches their heading towards are matches we’ve seen, and one being “Once in a lifetime opportunity” to see…. i really hope they take to detour with rock and brock and do a program with them together or with different opponents, you only have them for now, why have them wrestle against the same 1 or so opponents throughout their contracts..Wrestlemania is the biggest show of the year!

    • and if they actually wrestled on tv would be great also, rock n ziggler would be entertaining for a night….lesnar to have a squash match against khali, been awhile since we saw a GREAT F5

  • Dave L

    Personally I would love to see Rock VS Undertaker at Wrestlemania

  • Victor

    I’m curious as to what Rey’s personal issues are? And how much longer Vince is going to keep him around at this rate. I mean most employers would fire someone if they were continually unable to work, even if it was over personal reasons, after all you can’t pay someone to not work.

  • Jimmy

    I hope both Sandow and Rhodes get the push they deserve.

  • you right..Rock vs Brock Summer Slam 2013…… 🙂
    Cena vs Punk again feud with WWE championship @ Summer Slam…
    Mark Henry will win WHC @ WM29 and big show turn to baby face and feud with Henry…

  • Jbreed

    They should have never put the belt on The Rock in the first place. It just goes to show how desperate the WWE is to boost buyrates and how they don’t know how to build new must see main eventers, so they have to rely on stars from the past.

    • Pluto

      So I guess The WWE did a terrible job building up Ryback, Ziggler, Bryan, ADR, Punk, Sheamus into main eventers?

      • Jbreed

        You don’t get it do you. Ok they spent the past year to push guys like Ryback, Dolph Ziggler etc. But in the end the guys who main evented at WM 10 and even 15 years ago (The Undertaker, The Rock, Triple H) are still gonna be the same guys who are gonna be main eventing WM in 2013.

        • Just saying

          He wouldn’t get it .. He’s a vagina ..
          “TeacH” Bitch

  • Sebastian Martinez

    Should just be called RehashMania this year, wow nothing new & WWE just going with the safe options as always, by re-doing match-ups we’ve already seen.. What happened to Rock vs Brock or CM Punk vs Undertaker? Damn shame!