Ric Flair Busts Bray Wyatt Open At WWE Live Event In New York City (Graphic Video & Photos)

Ric Flair caught Bray Wyatt with a stiff right hand at Saturday night's WWE live event at Madison Square Garden in New York City, busting him open. Bray bled heavily as he finished the exchange. Video of the melee has surfaced online at this link. You can also watch in the video embedded below:

The blood only added to Wyatt's gimmick, as can be seen in the photos below:

The match was Wyatt vs. John Cena for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, where Triple H was the captain of 10 lumberjacks and Flair the other 10.

  • Braxon

    This is a showcase of why color can be a good thing.

    • J Vomkrieg

      Intentional colour perhaps. That wasn’t intentional, that was a stuff up by an old drunk.

      • Michael Rubin

        flair hits hard he has busted vince legit before its good for business

        • J Vomkrieg

          Hitting hard and accidentally busting people open is not the point of wrestling. That way leads to injuries

          • Michael Rubin

            it happens constantly many punches you think dont land really do

  • Dave Barton

    I remember when pics/video of a wrestler being bloodied was commonplace. Now, it gets a warning for being graphic.

    Ah, the 70s and 80s.