Ric Flair Contacted About Second WWE Hall Of Fame Induction

Ric Flair was called Monday night and notified the Four Horsemen would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame before the announcement aired on Raw Supershow. Ironically enough, Flair was in Orlando for the TNA Impact Wrestling tapings. It's unknown at this point if Flair's TNA contract will allow him to make a televised appearance at the induction ceremony this March.  His contract will not prevent him from attending as he was there last year for the induction of Shawn Michaels.

A lot of readers have asked what Flair's relationship with WWE is like after returning to the ring in TNA. From what I've been told, Flair hasn't burned any bridges and the feeling is he should be allowed to go out and make a living despite the tremendous send-off he was given four years ago.  Flair sees it as he wanted to return with WWE but there wasn't interest in the return of his on-screen character and his friendship with Hulk Hogan provided him with a new opportunity.

As noted in today's Ask WNW and in a press release yesterday, Flair will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame again along with Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Barry Windham and manager J.J. Dillon.

Flair was first inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame the night before his final match in WWE on March 29, 2008 by Triple H.

  • daryl

    they should let flair do it

    • Griff Ace

      isn't the orginal members of the four horsemen ric flair, Arn Anderson, Ole Anderson, and Tully Blanchard, with James J. Dillon as their manager.

  • Punker79

    The way Dixie Carter bends over backwards for these guys I don't see why she wouldn't allow it. If not his buddy Hogan would let him.

  • gibbons08

    He’ll be there! There’s no way TNA can or will stop him from being there

  • sami

    Out of interest in your article you state WWE may have a problem to televise flair due to contract of TNA, however at the hall of fame when HBK got inducted, Ric Flair was apart of TNA and was on the WWE website presenting HBK with a ring, surely if there allowed to do that it would be the same as being aired on television as it is still WWE not TNA?

  • Patrick_Peralta

    well Flair did attend HBK's induction he was in the crowd and taped backstage giving a Ring to HBK. so I don't see why Dixie would say No. plus several TNA and indy wrestlers were there the night Flair went into the HOF.

  • Mike

    Wouldn't TNA actually gain from letting Flair appear on WWE television? I mean, the casual TNA fan obviously knows WWE, but I would bet there are a number of casual WWE fans who aren't aware that Ric Flair is even in TNA.

    • Professor Rick Craig

      And they still won't because WWE would never allow Flair to plug TNA on their show. So how will that help get WWE fans to notice TNA? It won't. The casual fans will still have no clue what TNA even is. Flair's appearance won't change that whatsoever.

      • Eiji

        OK? Well if "casual WWE fans" see Flair on WWE programming and decide to IDK look him up on the web or what not. They would see he is with TNA.

        • Professor Rick Craig

          Uhhh…."casual" fans aren't going to even waste their time looking up a 60+ year old wrestler. The "casual" fans probably don't even know who Ric Flair is anyway and probably don't even care. Sorry…just a fact. That's why they are just "casual" fans to begin with. Trust me….this will do absolutely nothing for TNA.

          • Eiji

            OK, we will just let you speak for the CASUAL FANS. Haha I'm not saying it would help out TNA.

  • MsMojoRisin

    i wish luger was in it too that guy is great

    • Never Luger

      You want Ms. Elizabeth's murderer to be in the Hall of Fame? you must be nuts!!!

  • stoney

    Friends with Hogan? As I recall Hogan and Bischoff tried running Flair out of WCW during the 90's

    • Dave C

      Ummm…… that was a storyline, you know storylines right, that thing that is played out over the TV every week. Do really thingk that cody despises his brother and father sooooo much, no he doesnt it's just a storyline and complete kayfabe

      • stoney

        Hey smartass, I know what a storyline is, In WCW, Hogan was legitimately Jealous and afraid of Ric Flair so he and Bischoff put him in storylines that tarnished his career like being put in a mental asylum and buried in a desert

  • ted

    how would tna really gain anything from flair appearing on wwe tv in 2012? ric flair is almost 63 years old. wwe fans who don't watch tna think he retired in 2008 or stopped caring about him as a character once he left wwe tv.

    if he is on stage for the wwe hof, he will be standing next to his fellow ex- wrestlers who are all in their 50's and they are going to be accepting an "award" for things they did together in the 1980's wrestling world.

    flair is not going to mention tna because wwe would not allow it but it would be pointless because why would wwe fans want to see flair "wrestle" in tna when he is in his 60's. he is just embarassing himself anyway.

  • Prprince

    Ole Anderson really got screwed! I think flair going in twice is crazy and worst there not even putting the original horsemen

  • The Dave

    yay Ric is back @ Wrestlemania!

  • jdl

    Respect had nothing to do with his return to wrestling with TNA, he needed money and the WWE wasn't willing to keep him employed in a manner that was to his monetary requirements and they weren't interested in putting him on TV. TNA offered good money and a use for him on TV, when you've got multiple ex-wives breathing down your neck and the IRS right behind them, you'd take the best deal you can get too.

  • sportsman6100

    I believe Ric Flair should be allowed to do whatever he wants in this situation. He is one of the all time greats and deserves to do what makes him happy.

  • BigMike

    hold on a F'N second Flair Arn Tully JJ and Barry.what about OLE? OLE was a horseman LONG before Barry and even Tully

  • Jeremy

    So Flair could be inducted twice? Once as legend and once with a stable (The Four Horsemen). That means Shawn Michaels could be inducted twice too. Once as a legend and once as the original leader of D-Generation X. That also could mean that the Undertaker could be induct twice (as a legend and as leader of the Ministry) and Triple H could be induct six times (as a legend, as member of DX, as leader of Evolution, as member of the McMahon Helmsley Faction, and as the Vice President of the WWE).

  • Rosey

    Dirty move by WWE. TNA and Higan seem to be morally sound than WWE, and I believe they will let Flair attend out of respect for Flair not McMahon… Because we all know McMahon would not do the same.

  • Leg on the bottom rope, again

    Flair will be in attendance as well as speaking and did I read someone say lugar, really lugar, what’s the difference between lugar n Benoit?

  • ted

    the difference between luger and benoit is that luger never killed anyone. it is true that elizabeth got hooked onto drugs by being in a relationship with luger but the wrestling industry is filled with drug users especially during the 1980's and 1990's in wcw.

    the fact is that elizabeth fell into that lifestyle and it was her bad behavior that led to her death.

  • nickp91

    how is Ric Flair supposed to be at HOF 2012 when TNA contracts forbid thier talent from WWE appearances

    • Jeremy

      Not sure, he was there last year too when WWE induct Shawn Michaels into the Hall of Fame. He can be seen sitting behind Stone Cold Steve Austin in the HOF 2011.

    • Rosey

      Easy he’s the Nature Boy, who would say no to a man who brought so much to the sport, and like Hulkster, is responsible for 90% of the talent being here today. Don’t get me wrong, I think McMahon is a piece of garbage, that would betray his own mother to get ahead in business. But I think TNA will let him appear to HOF out of respect for Flair not McMahon or WWE. TNA will show who the better and more classy brand is.

  • Flairhater

    The Hall Of Fame is a joke anyways. Who cares how many time they induct Ric Flair. Who ever heard of inducting an entire team. Individuals should be inducted not entire team or groups.