Ric Flair Hit With A Bottle Of Water At Gathering Of The Juggalos

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Ric Flair made his first post-TNA appearance at the Gathering of the Juggalos over the weekend. Flair was actually hit with a bottle of water thrown from the crowd, resulting in him refusing to go back out on stage.

  • Dave Barton

    Well, I’m shocked at the respect shown to Flair at an ICP show.


  • Lenny

    I thought Flair tarnished his legacy when he went to TNA a couple of year’s back by becoming a shell if his former self but this one right here is a new low! Ric Flair at an ICP event…Smh!

  • PainOfDemise

    Really? Did he expect a round of applause and a nice "pop" from the crowd? It's an ICP event for god sakes. They are not their to see Ric Flair or probably even care about him in the slightest. His thought though was probably "Hey, it's a paycheck".

  • Patrick Peralta

    what's the Matter Flair a Water bottle to much for you to handle.

  • Ole

    I am sure he wouldn't have been too pissed if it was a bottle of liquor instead…if there was any left inside and it didn't break, he'd probably be in the backstage area drinking it all up anyway.

  • Sarcastic Smark 2.0

    Oh, Ric Flair got hit with a bottle of water?… Roddy Piper said he guesses a coconut wasn't available

  • justsomefan

    You would be surprised on the talent ICP has got to work their wrestling shows over the years.

  • Bault16

    Juggalos are total scumbags. Plus their a gang, lock em all up.

    • Tony P.

      Im a juggalo and my friends are juggalos. Guess what? Were not a gang! Its amazing that in 2012 there are still idiots like you that lump everybody together based on general assumptions

      • John

        i've been to some of the icp shows both wrestling and actual music shows and a water bottle would be the NICEST thing that would be thrown, lol. i do not care if its any show but i remember in the 90s every ecw show i went to had water bottles, toilet paper, cups, and just about ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING not bolted down thrown into the ring so classifying "juggalos or juggalettes" as a gang when you obviously dont know anything about them is messed up. i am NOT a juggalo in the SLIGHTEST but still how are you going to say something when not ALL are douche bags, scum bags or what ever derogatory bag you can call them???


    Worthless juggalos.

  • Mike

    Flair should expect that kind of reaction. Juggalos go to those shows wanting to see guys like Shaggy2Dope, Violent J, Sabu, RVD, Mad Man Pondo, ect. wrestle. They're not there to see the old timers or the veterans. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge Naitch fan just because of the sheer accomplishments he has under his belt in the wrestling biz, but come on, you're going to appear at the Gathering. Expect the expected and the unexpected.

  • Jamie

    Having watched the event, he did well to start and was getting into it with the crowd – However, when the bottle of water hit him you could tell he was pissed. Abit of an over reaction as this is what happens to people at the Gathering sometimes because there are mindless idiots that ruin it for the majority.

    And to Bault316 and MIKEISTKRIEG – Your comments show you understand nothing about Juggalo's. The whole gang thing is stupidity on the part of the FBI, and to say Juggalo's are worthless….The same could be said for your comments. Flair would have been told what he was going to be let in for, the fact he showed up was a miracle.

  • LeBron James

    Juggalos are literally a bunch of losers. Grown men wearing clown make up. Pathetic. Worthless.

    • Terry

      Cuzz watching 200 pound men in panties isn’t suspect ? C’mon Judge Judy .

  • George Takei

    Exactly what I said was gonna happen when it was first posted that he was gonna show up there!

  • scott seefong

    flair flop

  • Bault16

    Juggalos prooved my point for me, total scumbags.

  • Clint

    Some Juggalos take this crap to far and this gang affiliation, no its more like a religion to them and I have seen my share of crazy Catholics Baptists, so forth, and flair im sorry I have no respect for the man, people call him a great worker I disagree to me a worker is someone that is reliable and you dont have to worry about if they're gonna show up or not, ive worked with people like that and ill be the first to tell you they sucked, me having to work twice as hard because they cant show up, Flair is an average worker good when hes there but he has to show up

  • Kevin

    So let me get this straight: the allmighty wrestling God Ric Flair, who has suffered innumerable bashes in the head with barbed wire, chairs, and the like, who has so many scars on his forehead from cutting himself and being cut during matches that you can't see any original skin, was bothered by being hit by a bottle of water thrown from the audience? Really, Ric? Really? REALLY? Come on, Ric, it's not the first time you've been hit by an audience member. Get over it and be a professional. He really is a shell of his former self. What has happened to Ric Flair?

  • Pete

    Ric Flair is the world heavyweight champion of shit eating scumbags. If his name wasn’t Ric Flair, he’d be serving 20 years in prison right now for all the companies he’s shamelessly robbed blind financially over the last 20 years. He deserves a lot more than a water bottle to the face for that. I’d let Chris Benoit babysit my kid before I trusted that slimeball with my cash. WOOOO!!