Ric Flair - "I Have No Plans On Retiring From the Industry Anytime Soon"

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The Skinny out of the United Kingdom has a new article online featuring quotes from Ric Flair. While Flair did the interview to promote TNA's 2012 European tour with shows in the UK and beyond, he had at least one very interesting thing to say. Below is an excerpt:

“To be honest I have no plans on retiring from the industry anytime soon. I feel that I still have so much to give to TNA. If the time ever comes that I cannot contribute anything to the company that is when I would have to consider my position within TNA. I am privileged that I have a limited schedule in TNA so my time in many respects is my own. Just now I like to spend time with my family and love to do some fishing. When I retire I’ll be doing more of the same.”

Flair also talks about his storied career and puts over his co-workers in TNA. You can read the full article at this link.

  • Jordan

    Didn't he already retire when he left WWE? Wasn't it if HBKbeat him he'd retire from wrestling forever? C'mon Ric. Sure you were almost broke but that's what a legends contract from WE is for. You get payed to sit on your @#$ at home while they sell Ric Flair merchandise!!!!

    • eurosario

      Don’t forget that he’s not just regular broke but super broke.He’ll need to file for bankruptcy before he can be broke

  • Red

    This makes me a sad man, a disappointed fan, and very concerned for his personal well-being and safety. Life's more than wrestling, Ric.

  • Bault16

    He will NEVER retire!!!

  • lukey

    He is tainting his legacy in TNA IMO. He should at least come back to WWE n go out on a good note…. Wait he did that already at mania. What are you doing ric!

    • jesse


  • Patrick_Peralta

    a leason learned Don't get married. It cost you to much when you part ways.

  • HPK

    He should go to WWE and confront Zack Ryder about his staying " woo-woo-woo" !!! I think that would be funny cause Flair is experienced in In Your Face challenges !!! He is Original !!!

  • Louis

    Flair sounds human. Good TBA work off that make him GM but one that actually making calls good for all of wrestling niot just TNA give him his due. No gimmicks

  • Alex

    He's basically wrestling's Brett Farve…he doesn't know when to just hang it up.

  • ted

    fliar is way, way past being wrestling's breet favre. favre retired at age 41 from playing a compettive sport.

    flair is alomost 63 and he gets in the ring and makes a complete fool of himself. he is tarnishing his legacy in this circus sideshow spectacle.