Ric Flair Looking To Return To WWE, Big Mistake On Raw Destroys Logic, Finish To Punk vs. Bryan, WWE Not Acknowledging The Past

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What's the latest update on Ric Flair?

Yesterday morning I reported exclusively here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com Premium that Ric Flair has been trying to negotiate his release from his TNA contract in order to return to WWE. The word is that Triple H would like to hire him in a role within their developmental system. Flair is looking for a way to get back to WWE so he can keep a closer eye on his daughter Ashley that is nearing a developmental contract with the company. I know there are other reports out there that suggest Flair is basically getting fired from TNA because of behavioral issues but these reports are unfounded. TNA knew what they were getting with Flair and were willing to put up with his antics in order to use him for his name recognition. I wouldn't be surprised if TNA put the story out there in order to try and save face from losing Flair to WWE.

If WWE re-signed Big Show on Saturday then shouldn't both he and John Laurinaitis both be "fired" given the stipulation to John Cena vs. Laurinaitis at Over the Limit?

WWE made a big mistake on last night's Raw Supershow when Laurinaitis announced that he re-signed Big Show on Saturday and gave him a huge bonus. WWE tried to correct by clarifying on commentary that Show had agreed in principle on Saturday, however, that made no sense given the fact Show was attacking Laurinaitis at the pay-per-view until Laurinaitis whispered something in his ear. I haven't heard if Johnny miss-spoke or if he was scripted to say that but it was clearly a monumental error that was made on live television.

It seems the finish to CM Punk and Daniel Bryan at WWE Over the Limit didn't go off as it should. I would assume the plan was to have Punk tap as soon as the hand was going down for the 3 not after. Do you think this was a botch spot? Seems like it would make sense to tap before the three in order for Bryan getting a rematch to make sense

The finish to CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan was a planned spot. WWE wanted to make it look like Bryan actually won the match to keep the feud going. We could be in for a treat as the match is on the booking sheets for live events throughout the summer so Sunday's stellar match at Over the Limit could be the start of a very memorable program.

Why does WWE try to act like Abraham Washington, Skip Sheffield, and A-Train never existed before now? They say Ryback and Tensai were in WWE before but why not actually talk about what they've done? Makes WWE seem very unrealistic.

Your question actually contradicts itself as it claims WWE acts like these workers don't exist then mentions the company has acknowledged their past. At any rate WWE doesn't want to harp on how these workers used to be used because they have undergone gimmick makeovers (extreme ones when looking at Ryback and Tensai) where there are bigger plans for them. Ryback was basically an extra in the Nexus, playing second-fiddle to people like Wade Barrett and Daniel Bryan. WWE is trying to push him as the next Goldberg. The company has been focused on a main event run for Tensai although it hasn't been going very well, they didn't want to highlight him as the guy that needed to shave his back.

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  • Lol! Ryback is basically a combination of Goldberg, RVD, and Ultimate Warrior. So Ryback is ripping of three former WWE superstars, how original.

    • kbunyon

      I see Goldberg.

      And I can understand why you might think RVD, but that's just the singlet he wears and RVD isn't the only one to ever wear a singlet of that shape and types of design.

      But I don't see where you're getting Warrior from. Please expound.


      • kevin

        He shakes the ropes.

        • Patrick_Peralta

          Batista used to shake the ropes so he ripped of Warrior all so.

        • iamaguset

          batista did too

        • Ernest Bethea

          Yeah… so did Batista. That didn't make HIM anything like Ultimate Warrior.

          • XKonn247

            Wrong. Batista has said in the past he idolised Warrior and did that to acknowledge it out if respect.

  • Mr.Love

    So what did wwe ask home to shave his back do he wouldn’t recieve the chants? Let’s gets this started too #johhnyaceisthenewmikeadamle
    I sick of him and he sucks not just as a wrestler, not just as a tv personality but I am very sure he sucks at life and is in last place in the game of life

    • Johnson

      Hey Mr Love I’m pretty sure Lauranatis is an executive for a million dollar company while your commenting on wrestling websites on a Tuesday afternoon. Who do you think won life again haha?

      • tyrdea

        Hold up a sec. Don't twist the reality of the situation. Only reason Lauranitis is there is because his big brother is wrestling legend, Road Warrior Animal of the best tag team ever – the Road Warriors!! If winning in life is a result of who you are related to, then yeah, he & too many others in the business are "winners"..

        • XKonn247

          If that’s the case, where’s Animal?

          • aids Chan

            Animal tours with a group of Christian strongmen performing feats of strength and teaching that real stremgth comes from faith and through god all things are possible. And i really wish i was joking but i'm not.

  • Robert olley

    Best chant ever: SHAVE YOUR BACK!

  • thatguy

    I think you misunderstood my question. I know it was a planned spot but it seems like punk was late on tapping, cause to do what you said. he would have needed to tap before the 3 count went down not after. When you watch it, it really looks like punk forgot the spot til after the 3. at least they found a way to work the botch anyway

    • Dangerous Lee

      I also didn’t understand the response to the question. In order for Bryan to look like the winner, punk should have tapped before or during the 3rd count was made, but he clearly tapped after the bell rang. Then on raw bryan plays the clip of punk tapping, but doesn’t acknowledge him doing so after the bell.

      • Richard Gray

        It did look like Punk tapped late but the point I was trying to get across was that WWE wanted to put Punk over by making Bryan look strong.

  • Daniel Lim'ass

    Back to the year 2003 in WWE, Goldberg and Rob Van Dam once make love back in the locker room. Fast forward to 2012, Ryback could be their love child…

    • Stevie

      So Ryback is 9 years old?

    • XKonn247

      Biggest joke fail ever?

      • James M>>>

        Pretty close

  • Brandon

    I'm all in if Flair being used in WWE to develop new talents. As long as there's no talk backstage about making him the next WWE/World Heavyweight Champion (Sheamus taps to the Figure 4 Leglock) #sigh

  • smark

    What about Sheamus shoveing Big Jhonny after he siad if a superstar toched him they would be fired lol wwe is bocthing storylines alot more now

    • Gbdb


  • Patrick_Peralta

    Boy WWE sure is playing up todays world to the hilt…people sueing other people for BS reasons.

    Paul Heyman sueing HHH for touching him,

    Big Johnny fireing people over being touched…

    HHH is the only in Authority who is man enough to fight back. even if Lesner got the best of the fight at least HHH was man enough to fight back and not say I'm going to sue you.

    ok Paul Heyamn is not in charge of anyone but you get the point..

  • jdl

    Sheffield wasn't an extra in Nexus, the fact that he dropped to an injury during the middle of the storyline doesn't somehow change the fact that he was the sub boss of the team. He cut quite a few promos with the group, even after the WWE realized that Otunga, Slater and Gabriel can't cut promos to save their lives.

    • AJG316

      I'll give u otunga and slater but you have never heard Gabriel talk so until then don't judge

      • XKonn247

        He’s not wrong. Why you getting angry at him? He’s not denied Gabriel has in ring talent. Just stating the obvious fact he blows chunks on the mic.

  • Scottyo614

    Then today they say they did the contract Sunday… While big Johnny was being rushed to the hospital? And couldn't the new GM just rehire Big Show when he came in? Too many storyline holes and I think a lot comes from Laurinitus having two positions instead of just one in storyline.

    • Anand

      I guess a majority of the holes are due to the fact that big johnny messes up stuff while on the mic cutting promos

  • CM Punk

    If they want Ryback to be the next Goldberg, they need to stop making him seem so robotic. I can't take him seriously with that stupid gimmick. Oh, and I did botch that last spot, on purpose, of course I didn't forget to tap at 3, I just didn't want too.

    • Daniel Bryan

      So I do make you tap? YES! YES! YES!

  • Matt

    Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk in a 60 minute ironman match

    • Gbdb

      Yes, Yes, Yes

    • Anand

      I would love to see that match 🙂 will be a classic. Maybe at Wrestlemania 2013 🙂

  • Kevin

    I'd love to see CM Punk and Daniel Bryan in a SHOOT match. Put them in an MMA cage and let them go at it for real. That would be an AWESOME match!