Ric Flair No-Shows TNA Live Event In Glenville, Concern He Was Going To No-Show Beckley, More

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Ric Flair no-showed last night's TNA Impact Wrestling live event in Glenville, West Virginia. Flair was heavily promoted as a focal point of the show and was scheduled to accompany Gunner to the ring in his singles match against Garett Bischoff.

I want to be careful not to assume too much, however, I can tell you there was genuine concern when Flair would show up on Saturday night in Beckley, if at all. I obviously requested an interview with Flair prior to the show but was told by a TNA official "who knows" when he will show up. Intermission was lengthy at Saturday's show and while I wasn't backstage during intermission (as fans with backstage passes were going back there), I do not know when he showed up. Intermission was extended and it seemed like they were waiting on Flair to arrive as his appearance was directly after intermission concluded.

As of this writing I am unable to confirm what Flair's reason was for missing last night's show in Glenville but can tell you many fans were disappointed after his appearance was heavily promoted.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    TNA officals can not be happy he no-show.s.

    • Brian

      I bet TNA officials would be happy with that buy 1 get 1 free chicken sandwich deal at Burger King. They are amazing.

  • CornDawg

    Brian, I must agree. The chicken sandwiches are amazing!!!!