Ric Flair Originally Scheduled For Raw, Police Officers, Vince's On-Air Gaffe, Cena's Promo Gets Negative Marks, Curt Hawkins Returns

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- The original plan was for Ric Flair to be featured on this week's WWE Raw but whatever reason, it didn't happen. It's unknown if Flair will work Tuesday night's Smackdown taping, as was also planned, before heading overseas to work for All Japan Pro Wrestling.

- Dave Dutra, JR Kratos and Juli Pedrosa from All Pro Wrestling were the police officers that "denied" The Rock entry into this week's WWE Raw.

- Vince McMahon made an on-air gaffe while announcing the stipulation for CM Punk vs. The Rock for the WWE title at Royal Rumble on this week's WWE Raw. While the stipulation is if The Shield "interferes," then Punk is stripped of the title, McMahon said if Punk interfered that he would be stripped of the title.

- John Cena's promo in the final segment of this week's WWE Raw drew negative marks across the board. The reaction seemed to be... what in the heck was he talking about? For those that missed it, Cena "picked" members of the audience and tried to describe stereotypical moments of their lives in what fell flat.

- Curt Hawkins made his return to the television in the final segment of this week's WWE Raw and is a possible Royal Rumble entrant.

  • Robi

    IMO there are two things we have learned from this Rock-Punk feud, this match should have happened at Wrestlemania. The second, CM Punk has surpassed everyone on the WWE roster, even The Rock. Best In The World is no longer a gimmick it is a fact.

    I know this might make me sound like a mark but there is not a better wrestler today than Punk. The Rock’s promos compared to Punk, sound like a nursery rhyme. Cena’s 5 moves of doom & character really could use a change, plus what was up with Cena picking on that poor fan who payed his hard earn money to sit front row, be a star John.

    I hope the WWE really reconsiders changing the lineup for Mania. Nobody needs to watch Cena vs Rock 2 nor HHH vs Lesnar, and whatever they do CM Punk should close the show, because he has earned it & cause he truly is the best they have to offer

    • Chalon

      So many people feel this way. I don’t know if it’s a thing of the iwc or a general feeling between all WWE fans but I hope they change. hell have Punk lose at RR and regain it from Rock at Mania…. For all I care you can make Cena #21 of the streak.

      • Gary Robert

        Thats what I’d like to see. Punk loses at RR, then becomes a surprise entrant to the Rumble (if the Rumble were after the title match) and wins to get himself a rematch at WM where he goes on to get the rub and the clean win and the passing of the torch to the top guy , imo, of this present day of WWE.

    • Richards master

      Punk is way over rated and I don’t gtf what Richard or any one on here says. If none of you Mfers dont like cena or raw or wwe the. Just don’t watch it. Including your punk ass Richard. Got a problem with what I say. O well. Delete my comment. Call me a troll all you want. Dude I’ve been watching wrestling longer then you have been alive and call me a troll and I will find your ass Richard and show you how much of a troll I am

      • Luke

        Have you been sniffing glue?

      • RobUK

        You are the reason comments should be monitored before being posted. Your an idiot who is being offensive for the sake of being offensive. It really is just child like, if you can’t have a discussion without acting like a idiot. Then just don’t bother posting.

      • Smexy “JAY” Shuffle

        I LOL’D at this guy’s comment because he his a little brain hidden in that big head of his…..Humans like you dont deserve to be called humans you HIPPO!!

      • Chris

        Aww, someone got their panties in a bunch because people don’t like their favorite wrestler. You’re right, nobody will call you a troll, not from fear of you being some form of magical badass, it’s because stating that would be a massive insult to the troll community.

      • Gary Robert

        What a clown.

      • Gary Robert

        I enjoyed how you pointed out without trying to how long you’ve been alive and thus how immature you are for your old age, haha. I also like your fake user name specifically made for that post of yours. You belong on WWE Creative with that.

  • Dangerous Lee

    Double D Dave Dutra!

  • Todd

    This week’s Raw was a bore! Cena’s promo was weird and the entire show as a whole did NOTHING to sell me on the PPV

    • Smexy “JAY” Shuffle

      BTC match’s were waste of time and we didnt even get to officialy see who else was entered into the RR match (although its obvious) they have like what 9, 10 guys listed on .com and thats it?

  • Curt Hawkins: Next World Champ

    • Smexy “JAY” Shuffle

      5 years later and still a nobody….

  • I think it’s a shame Brad Maddox wasn’t working as a referee going
    into this Sunday. If they’d re-hired him as a referee a few weeks ago
    and people had got used to that idea – he could have been ringside
    working as a referee at the Royal Rumble – and then suddenly been a
    surprise entrant.