Ric Flair Returning A Babyface, CM Punk's WWE Contract, Kurt Angle Not Expected To Re-Sign

- Madison Square Garden sent out an email blast on Wednesday with details on Saturday night's WWE live event there. The advertised main event is WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt in a 20-Man Lumberjack match. Ric Flair will lead 10 men, while Triple H will lead the other. More information -- including ticket information -- is available at this link. Flair's return to WWE TV is imminent.

- I covered this in our Backstage News from Raw but the more stories I see pop up, the more I shake my head. CM Punk's WWE contract expires on July 15, 2014 and there is nothing further to report.

- Kurt Angle was a guest on the podcast of Jim Ross on Wednesday and stated what we've reported on numerous occasions. Angle's contract with TNA Wrestling is up on September 21, 2014 and he's already turned down an extension. Angle knows this is his last opportunity at a contract and wants to think it through. He's not expected to re-sign with TNA. You can listen to the JR/Angle podcast at this link.

  • jdl

    It’s probably not going to happen, but Angle really should just sign a WWE contract, work part time, retire and enter the Hall of Fame. But knowing Angle he’ll sign with GFW or TNA and retire in obscurity.

    • kingdook24

      If Angle does indeed come back to WWE, I don’t want the comical version of Angle to come back. During Angle’s final days in WWE, he was more gritter & had a serious tone to him. Similar to what he has in TNA, I want that Angle in WWE.

    • Bob’s Diner

      I think if he can get a deal, he will take it. The biggest question is would he pass a WWE physical exam. I think that would be the only thing that would keep him away

  • I listened to the podcast and Kurt really didn’t turn down the deal. While the deal was offered to him, he told them he needs time to think about it. The deal is still on the table. He can still agree to it, but he is waiting to see if other deals are made from other companies.