Ric Flair Returning To WWE Much To Vince McMahon's Chagrin

Ric Flair has passed his physical and is set to return to WWE television soon, WrestlingNewsWorld.com can confirm.

This has been a deal a long-time in the making as Triple H has wanted to get Flair back for several months. One of the biggest reasons Flair wanted to re-establish a working relationship with WWE was so he could help to watch out for his daughter Charlotte, the current NXT Women's Champion. Charlotte's career is important to Ric and understanding the way the business works, he wants to be as close as possible without interfering.

While Flair's role remains undefined, it will be in a non-wrestling capacity. While he had to pass a WWE physical, it was solely to make sure he was healthy enough to return to the road. It's unlikely WWE would clear him to wrestle after what happened with Jerry Lawler a couple years ago.

Madison Square Garden in New York City has added Flair to the promotional listing for the July 12, 2014 "SummerSlam Heatwave Tour" live event.

As for Vince McMahon's opinion, he's none too thrilled about Flair returning. As we reported exclusively here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com, Vince doesn't trust Flair with a live mic or his ability to stay out of some sort of public scandal.

Vince stepped aside and let Triple H have his way and we'll see how it plays out.

  • Avalanchian

    So Flair joins Reigns and Ambrose would be my guess to mentor them.

    • Rather see him manage Ziggy, as Flair mentioned recently that he’d like to do.

      I’m not at all happy with Flair returning, as I’ve never been a fan, but if he is, then he’d better help a young wrestler get over. Flair has a lot to teach, if only he’d stay sober.

      • Stevie Klaus

        Im w/ Kendra. Let him mentor Ziggler……to the moon!!!!

      • Venom

        Does Dolph Ziggler really need Flair though? All what happens is they turn him into Flair 2.0 like they tried with Miz and did with AJ Styles. Have Flair manage someone who has no character or image. Someone like an Evan Bourne. We all know whomever Flair ends up managing will end up doing promos in suits and come to the ring in a robe. Give it to someone who can use a new image and needs help with promos.

        • Bob’s Diner

          This. Absolutely this!
          Put him with someone that has no personality whatsoever, like Kofi Kingston.

          • Venom

            Kofi Kingston could use a makeover. Would be interesting seeing a version of Flair who isn’t the typical white all American looking blonde or brown haired wrestler. Kofi looks good in a suit but hard to picture him in a robe. He no longer uses the Jamaican gimmick and accent so he could use a change. Even Xavier Woods who is known to have a phd or working towards one. Can be part of his gimmick.

            Damien Sandow could use Flair since he does come out in a robe as well. If they really want someone to benefit it has to be someone who’s not a former champion and someone who’s been out of the spotlight for awhile. That’s why I picked Evan Bourne or someone like Curt Hawkins. Heck Zack Ryder could use Flair.

          • Malboja

            I’d rather see a heal kofi with tribal warrior gimmick saying he is going back to his roots as he is tired of not being taken seriously
            Maybe a mix between papa shango and boogy man

      • Bob’s Diner

        Keep him backstage if they want him around. I’m yet to see a single wrestler he has helped by being associated with him in the last 20 years

      • Avalanchian

        Oh I’m also not a fan of his return. He just better act less about him and more about whoever they team him up with.

      • Trapdoor

        What Ziggler really needs is a good hook/chant, to get the crowd behind him 110%. We all know ADR (who he keeps getting paired against) is only here to pull in a demographic group: Have Ziggler ask that group (or any) if they’d prefer to have someone who can really show-off on their behalf (cue Show-Off chant). Hell, he could do town/city participation (Rock/Y2J style) & come out on stage each show & ask *Insert town/city name here* if they’d like to have someone to Show-Off on their behalf this week.

  • 1molly23

    Oh this is not good. We live in the Charlotte NC area, have seen Ric Flair (Flehr) in action – know who lets him in their establishment(s) and who doesn’t – VKM has every right to be concerned.

  • Bob’s Diner

    Ugh… really, no need for him to come back. I fail to see what he can offer anyone on screen.

    • J Vomkrieg

      The only person I would be happy to see him “manage” is his daughter. And even then, just for a while to help her get over.

    • BIG M

      I think if paired with the right talent as a manager/mouthpiece role he could bring plenty to WWE TV.
      If I remember correctly Flair wanted to be paired up with Ziggler originally because Flair like a lot of people think Ziggly-puffs could be a great Main Event star and the comparisons to Ziggy’s and Flair’s on air characters could make for some great TV.
      But poor old Dolph is in the dog house at the minute so WWE vetoed that idea in favour of Flair managing The MIz which will probably bomb big time.

      • Bob’s Diner

        But as others have pointed out already, teaming him with anyone on screen never works out. Even as a manager/mentor role. He either completely overshadows them or just drags them down with his lack of self control.

        • BIG M

          He didn’t seem to harm Randy Orton Or Batista’s careers during Evolutions original run did he.
          And don’t tell me it was because HHH was there He’s the biggest example of a main event star destroying other peoples careers.
          The H man did everything he could backstage to hold other workers lower down the card purely out of spite for any and all new talent that was signed to WWE during his heyday.

          • Bob’s Diner

            I don’t like HHH, but no way will I give Flair the credit for Evolution; Orton got credibility because of 2 things – being used on screen as HHH’s protege and being the ‘legend killer’. Batista’s feud with HHH is what lifted him as well.

            Without Flair, those guys still would have become what they were. If anything, he was there for HHH’s ego so he could walk around going ‘Look – even Ric Flair says I’m the greatest!’

            But yeah, Evolution didn’t need Flair and I don’t believe anyone else does either.

          • BIG M

            Im not giving Flair credit for anything (yet) I’m pointing out 2 big name talents he was associated with early in their careers because you said nobody could even name 1.
            And besides You really think HHH gave Orton or Batista the time of day off screen or went to creative and said “Hey Lets put the belt on Orton” or “Lets have Batista win the Rumble beat me for the title 3 times in a row”.
            Meanwhile I don’t think its completely out of the realms of possibility that Flair gave a few pointers to Orton and Batista along the way while the H man was to busy
            WOOO-ing (Pun very much Intended) the bosses daughter in order to gain even more stroke backstage.

          • Bob’s Diner

            No I don’t believe The H went to creative – he has been part of the creative team for like 15 years now. And if he hadn’t wanted the belt on Orton or didn’t want to put over Batista then I can safely say those things would never have happened.

            Do you really believe those three men aren’t friends in real life? That just seems bizarre to me…

            I never said Flair harms everyone – I said they don’t benefit from him. And that still is true for Evolution, because like I said, Batista and Orton still would have gotten to where they are if Flair hadn’t been involved.

          • BIG M

            Just because someone’s on the creative team doesn’t mean he/she has final say does it.
            Richard reported on Premium how HHH hated that stupid angle on SmackDown where Horswoogle pulled off EL Torrito’s tail but it still went to air didn’t it why because VKM has final say.
            VKM Saw $$$$ in Orton and Batista outside of Evolution so he ordered main event Pushes for both of them probably with HHH kicking and screaming the whole time.
            And seriously you find it bizarre that i don’t believe Orton, Batista and HHH are friends in real life what world are you living in.
            For years I read reports of backstage power struggles between Orton, Batista, Edge and more recently CM Punk (who were considered locker room leaders of the younger workers) and HHH and HBK (the old guard who were cozy with the decision makers) over halted pushes, abandoned story lines and the releases of certain talents.
            Its extremely Markish to not think that it can be quite hostile backstage between certain parties in WWE or any promotion for that matter.
            If that weren’t the case guys like Mr Kennedy/Anderson, Carlito, Jeff Hardy and CM Punk would still be with WWE and guys like Booker T and RVD would never have left for extended periods.

          • Bob’s Diner

            I’m aware Vince and HHH don’t see eye to eye on creative.

            But seriously, do you think HHH hates everyone? Like I said, if he didn’t want to put people over he wouldn’t do it – plain and simple. I could make a VERY long list of people he has refused to put over or attempted to bury in every possible way.

            Batista and Orton would never make that list.
            I wonder why…

            But thanks for making me laugh. I enjoy when people make defend someone I can’t stand.

            So again, my point remains: Orton and Batista did not get over because of being associated with Ric Flair and would still have become the ‘stars’ they are if Ric Flair had not been involved with Evolution.

          • Mike McCarthy

            You seem to be confused. Just simply putting somebody with a big-name manager doesn’t make them a main eventer, you’re correct in that sense. But when you put a wrestler with a big-name manager, you give them an opportunity to have all eyes on them and let them show what they’re made of. Neither Flair or Triple H are responsible for getting Orton or Batista over. But by putting the four together, it made people want to see what the hype was all about . If a worker is gifted enough they will get over, like Orton & Batista did. But sometimes the worker just fails to take advantage of the opportunity (like Curtis Axel & Ryback most recently). One of the most difficult things to do in the business is to get the fans to give you a chance. So a lot of people like say Xavier Woods or Jinder Mahal, who aren’t bad wrestlers, don’t get over because the fans never cared enough to give them a chance. Managers make people care.

          • Bob’s Diner

            Nope not confused at all. you actually kind of proved my point – Orton and Batista would have gotten over without Flair

          • Mike McCarthy

            Not necessarily, again you’re right that they’d have gotten over without Flair. But they might not have gotten over without a legend as a manager. The more star power a legend has, the more attention the worker gets. Flair has a lot of star power but there are bigger legends than Flair under contract. Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels are getting paid to do nothing. If you want my opinion if they’re gonna use a legend as a manager, why not put Bret Hart with Tyson Kidd.

          • Bob’s Diner

            Well see, that’s my point – use someone that isn’t actually a risk on air. Someone that doesn’t have a known problem with drinking. Someone that doesn’t get arrested every couple of years. Someone that doesn’t go off script and ramble about all sorts of nonsense before going into business for themselves.

            I think if HHH didn’t despise Bret Hart so much, we would have seen him more with Natalya, Kidd and Smith. Tyson Kidd is great and needs something to get noticed

          • Mario

            Very good arguments …

  • Wooooooooooo

    I’m a big Flair fan so am delighted he’s coming home. Everyone makes mistakes even Vince has, Flair after all he’s given and lost to the sport should be supported not disowned, a routine and regular work will help him out and on the subject of who to manage Ziggler or a heel Cody Rhodes.