How Much Longer Does Ric Flair Think TNA Will Be Around?, Brooke Hogan Ruined Bully Ray Angle

Ric Flair was recently a guest on the Steve Austin Show with Steve Austin. In part two of the interview posted on Tuesday, the talk shifted to TNA Wrestling. Below is a paraphrased excerpt:

Ric Flair: I let Hogan talk me into going to TNA and I tried that for awhile.

Steve Austin: How was the dynamic in TNA after coming from WWE? And like I told you last night in the green room, when I think Ric Flair, my picture in my mind is NWA, in the Carolinas, in that Crocket promotions. And I don't want to define it purely as that but that's what I think. And that's what I think big time, great, real wrestling. So what was the atmosphere in TNA?

Ric Flair: Um, well. You just hit the nail on the head. After you work with Vince McMahon, it's totally different. But I will tell you this - I loved the guys there and they've got some really good performers there. With Kurt and Sting…

Steve Austin: Yeah, I meant from an atmosphere standpoint because…

Ric Flair: From a business standpoint?

Steve Austin: Yeah just because there's been so many people who are having hands in booking but from a leadership prospective there's not really a wrestling brain there.

Ric Flair: Well they had Bruce Prichard and just fired him.

Steve Austin: I don't understand that. Bruce is a very smart cat.

Ric Flair: A very smart guy and he came from 20 years of being up here. And you would think but they beat to their own drum. I don't get it.

Steve Austin: Who's booking that thing now?

Ric Flair: I have no idea. I think Eric and Hulk.

Steve Austin: How was Dixie to work with?

Ric Flair: Dixie was great.

Steve Austin: How long can they keep that ship afloat?

Ric Flair: I don't think much longer. They're making live TV now.

Steve Austin: I'm just saying it's expensive.

Ric Flair: I don't know, her father's tremendously wealthy but at some point in time you got to say man…

Steve Austin: A write off becomes a loss. But they do have some good young talent there.

Ric Flair: Ah, tremendous.

Steve Austin: I've been pleasantly surprised with what Bully Ray has done.

Ric Flair: Yeah, I like him too. He and Devon have a wrestling school there and do that. He caught his niche, it took him awhile to figure it out. But here's the deal. Typical of TNA. So he's getting ready to "marry" Brooke Hogan and she goes out and gets engaged to one of the Dallas Cowboys.

Steve Austin: Kayfabe brother, you got to protect the business.

You can listen to the complete interview at this link.

As we reported exclusively here on Premium last week, one of the reasons that Brooke Hogan was let go was due to a tremendous amount of backstage heat for ruining the Bully Ray angle with her very public engagement.

  • Christen

    TNA won’t be in business long because Dixie doesn’t have a clue on what she is doing. She is letting the same person who ruined WCW run her business. TNA is a slowly sinking ship.

  • NeronWillRise

    Old wrestlers with their old ways. The business absolutely does not need protecting and hasn’t for years. Everyone knows it’s fake, When are they gonna get that kayfabe’s been dead for years?

    • adamtrace

      so many people are unaware of or choose to ignore the existence of pages like this or newz sites etc.

      why wouldn’t you want to suspend your disbelief and enjoy what you’re seeing on the screen? more to the point, why would you want to ruin it for others by demanding that their suspension of disbelief be brought crashing down to the ground?

      also, don’t you enjoy a character more when the wrestler/entertainer/whatever buys in enough to stick to kayfabe? isn’t it thoroughly more entertaining and also allows for more suprises?

      • _JIM_

        I totally agree. I listened to both parts of this interview in full, and that’s exactly what they were talking about. Suspending your disbelief and going with the product. If someone can’t do that then what are they honestly watching for? For me, even though I obviously know it’s scripted, I’m still all about the surprises and following the storylines. Call me old, like the person above did Austin for saying “protect the business”, but I totally agree with him and Flair. Maybe it is because I am old enough to have lived through the time period where people thought the business was real. So I know first hand how great it was. I don’t have to just read about it and try to guess what that was like. Watch any old video footage from the kayfabe days, and take a look at how hot those live crowds were in those arenas. Why wouldn’t the people who lived through it miss those days, and think that’s how the business should be run? It was a better product all the way around back then, and that has everything to do with kayfabe.

      • NeronWillRise

        You speak as though somehow suspension of disbelief and maintaining the outdated notion of kayfabe are mutually exclusive ideas. I and many other people (more than those that watch Raw) enjoy Breaking Bad on a weekly basis and that’s followed directly by a show that talks about the behind-the-scenes of the show. It doesn’t kill our enjoyment of the show because we’re not stupid. Why does wrestling want to be taken seriously one minute and yet treat the audience with such low regard the next?

  • Scott Davies

    Watched timeline with Vince Russo. He gave an in site to how Dixie Carter runs TNA. I would right it off because it is Russo, but he is not the only one who see’s this problem. Hulk Hogan in interviews even though he tries to tip toe around the question. You can see in his face that he knows it ain’t right. TNA’s biggest problem is Dixie

  • Tony Ho

    seems legit TNA probably won’t last long as a wrestling company

  • T.A. Culton

    Umm Flair is misinformed Brooke had already married then was duped by Bully and trying to get a divorce by the time she got engaged in real life.

  • Tony Ho

    WWE> TNA, TNA is a poorman’s WCW