Ric Flair Says He Will Be At 2012 WWE Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony

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Ric Flair was asked at a Walmart signing in Burlington, North Carolina yesterday if he would be at the 2012 WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony for the induction of The Four Horsemen. Flair said he would be there and on stage. You can see Flair's comments embedded in the video below:

The 2012 WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony will take place Saturday, March 31, 2012 from the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Dave Bowen for sending this in.

  • Leg on the bottom rope, again

    As I stated yesterday, quote “leg on the bottom rope…again! Check the high points in my match

  • Crane

    Congratulations, but please don’t wrestle the next day…

  • AlanP

    Wonder if he'll take the low road and try and flash around a TNA shirt or mention TNA as much as he can?

    • Adam

      No, I think Ric will respect what WWE has done for him in the past. You never know though, maybe he can live up to "The dirtiest player in the game" moniker

  • snuggle

    I think that everybody that has been a horsemen should be inducted.

    • Scotty

      Yes! Guys like Ole Anderson, Sid, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko and even that flash in the pan Steve McMichael should all be inducted!! Case
      Closed! No further questions! Moving on!!!! Lol

      • Ezc77089

        Benoit will never be inducted with as good as he was what he did at the end will never be forgiven. While I understand that professionally what he did put him at the top of the industry even with the mental problems he incurred he will never be forgiven by the public who only heard the fact that he killed his family and not that he had sever mental issues due to constant head trauma. I understand him not getting any recognition for his work in the industry but I feel that people who condemn him with out knowing that he truely was sick should learn that these were not the actions of a competent man.

        • prey

          I forgave him
          He wanted to be with his family forever dead or alive

          • Matt Scott

            Well I'm sure that's all WWE needed. Your forgivness

          • Alex

            Would you forgive him if it was your family he killed? Better yet, would you forgive him if all the circumstances were the same except he was never a wrestler . . . ever.?

    • Alex

      I disagree. This was the best incarnation of the horseman to ever exist. I hate to break it to everyone but not every version of the four horseman was that great to begin with. If we going to include everyone might as well let AJ Styles and fourtune come along since technically they are the four horsemen, just without the name. As for Ole? Come one we all know he'll never get into the hall of fame. As its be proven before it's based on who Vince hates and dislikes and everyone in the locker rooms, Vince included, hated Ole Anderson. Macho Man & Benoit have a better chance of getting in they Ole does. No, I'm perfectly fine with it just being Flair, Arn, Tully, and Windham. They were the best version.

  • FSG

    TNA and WWE have to have ties. Why would one company allow one of their workers show up on another companies show

    • Matt Scott

      Independent contractors. Plus, Flair was there last year. Please don’t start with horse crap conspiracy theories now. I think we’ve all had enough thanks to the idiots claiming Kane was intact Mark Calaway and not Glenn Jacobs.

    • Matt Scott

      Sorry, in fact. Stupid iPhone.

    • Jeremy

      You tell me, Ric Flair was at the WWE HOF last year too despite being under contract by TNA. Flair is a guy was able to win a title belt on one company and bring it over to defend on another rival company and now he can attend another company's event despite still under contract by its rival company.

    • Paul

      Flakes still a big star in wrestling I expect he told Tna he was doing it and they didn’t wanna argue.

    • HPK

      TNA broadcasts commercials on WWE channels (USA , SYFY) and WWE does on TNA channel (Spike) all the time !!!

      • Alex

        TNA never broadcasts an ad at any time except during Impact which is stupid cause you already watching it then. That's always been TNA's biggest problem is that they literally spend no money on marketing.

    • Alex

      I don't think Flair will even bother to mention TNA. Just like how Kendrick didn't mention TNA on the Price is Right. Hogan didn't mention it on American Idol, which Dixie should've cussed him out for that one. Hogan being on one of the biggest shows on the country and not even mentioning TNA was bad enough but then when the contestants started bringing up Hogan memories they mentioned Andre, The Rock, and Wrestlemania. So in a way Hogan went on there and promoted WWE inadvertently.

  • The Dave

    wwe shd do a tna invasion stroyline. With a wwe vs tna 7 man tag team match @ wrestlemania

  • Gizzle

    The guy holding the camera is a fail. Stop prying you chump!

  • Wwe4L76

    OMG! He looks old 😛

  • Matt

    WWE would buy Flair out of his contract if they wanted, TNA being cooperative is a smart idea

  • ted

    tna and wwe do not have any ties. wwe is a public company and any "deal" with tna would have be publicly reported.

    the fact is that ric flair is 63 years old and can do what ever the hell he wants whether tna likes it or not.

    the fact is that dixie is a money mark who drools over the big name wrestlers like hogan and flair.

    even if tna fires flair, so what. he can get a job with wwe since he is close to hhh, shawn and vince mcmahon.

    the fact is that tna needs flair more than flair needs tna and flair knows it.

    • Alex

      I agree with you, if Dixie was smart she'd put her foot down and tell Flair he couldn't go. She needs to be a business woman and stop worrying about being such a fan of these older wrestlers who just keep screwing her over in the long run. It's her own fault. As for Flair, he's still the man. Wooo!!!

  • Bertie


  • Alex

    While I think it's real cool for Flair to come back for the HOF, it just goes to show once again how incompetent Dixie Carter is and how so very insignificant TNA is. Dixie should put her foot down and tell Flair he's under contract to her and can't go to WWE's show. Just like Vince told CM Punk he couldn't go to UFC's show. That's a businessman, and how they work. It just goes to show people the big difference between Vince & Dixie and why one will always succeed (or at least do better than the other, lol) and the other will always fail. Dixie is a fan first and a boss second. Vince is a boss first and a fan second.

  • Really no matter if someone doesn’t understand afterward its up to other visitors that they will assist, so here it happens.