Ric Flair Seeking Domestic Violence Protective Order

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TMZ is reporting that Ric Flair is asking a judge for a domestic violence protective order against his estranged wife Jacqueline Beems. He is also seeking to void a separation agreement he signed in October that pays Jackie tens of thousands of dollars.

Not only does Flair claim to be afraid of Beems but he claims her badmouthing has cost him performance and endorsement contracts, making it impossible for him to make the payments.

Beems denies the allegations and says Flair just doesn't want to pay her the money that she's entitled too.

In documents filed in court, Flair claims Jackie attacked him with a glass object in February 2010 (our coverage), shattering it over his forehead. The cut required medical attention. He also claims she was arrested for DUI with a blood alcohol of .22 (our coverage).

  • Nostaljack

    “As The World Turns” will continue…after these messages…

  • Dangerous Lee

    Apparently Jaqueline Beems is “the man”.

  • stoney

    In come the flair jokes:
    1. To be the man you have to beat the man (literally)
    2. After she hit him he walked for a few steps then fell flat on his face
    3. She got tired of him wooing all the time so she hit him

    4. Maybe he should’ve done the dishes