Ric Flair Seeks Help In Dealing With Abusive Wife After Being Assaulted

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The New York Daily News has more on the latest domestic dispute at Ric Flair's house.

The publication reports Flair called police Monday after he was assaulted by his wife, Jacqueline Bains Beems. According to police, Flair was seeking for help in dealing with his abusive wife.

Click here for coverage by the New York Daily News.

  • Patrick Peralta

    there is a pattern here Flair marries women who like to abuse him.

  • buddah5050

    What kind of man gets assaulted by a women? Especially a pro wrestler! Lmao

    • Big L

      Probably one who doesn't wish to go to jail for hitting his wife.

    • Chris

      Funny. No doubt you’d have “lmao”d at your own sad little comment about what kind of man hits his wife had Flair fought back. Maybe when you aren’t socially inept and living with your parents you might learn something about how the world works.

  • mike

    he should hore david otunga

  • mike


  • Flair is seeking help? So he’s looking for a tag team partner?

    • Chris

      I have a feeling there needs to be a dumb snare right about now…

  • _JIM_

    There does seem to be a pattern here of Flair marrying women who aren’t afraid to throw down. I applaud him for not hitting her back. A lesser man would’ve knocked her teeth out. Or slapped he in a figure-four… WOOOO!!

    • Anand

      I perfectly agree. Being a professional wrestler he is more than capable of injuring or hurting any man let alone a woman. Applaud him for being a gentleman and keeping his hands off the lady even when she is abusing him.

  • _JIM_

    Someone at the NY Daily News should’ve done some homework and found out who Flair is really employed by currently. In the article it states “Flair still competes part-time for the WWE”. Whoops! Wrestling gets hardly any main-stream media coverage unless there’s a death or something like this. There is never any positive coverage. How about reporting on something positive like John Cena’s insane amount of “wishes” granted for Make A Wish Foundation? Or at least try and get your facts straight when you do actually take the time to report on something. If you’re going to take the time to do it, do it right!

  • Frenchfry

    hire the apa

    • Richie

      Hahaha! Best comment ever!

  • A2H

    Lol. This is simply funny coming from a wrestling legend!

  • Dougie

    That’s one way to promote a mixed tag division belt!

  • matt

    should have just backhanded the slut