Ric Flair Seen In Greenville, South Carolina Where WWE Is Taping Raw Supershow Tonight

While this could be nothing more than a mere coincidence, Ric Flair was seen in Greenville, South Carolina last night. WWE will tape tonight’s Raw Supershow from the Bi-Lo Center in Greenville tonight.

Flair, who has been under TNA contract, was trying to negotiate his release to return WWE although his role remains undefined.

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  • http://wrestlingnewsworld Pifas

    I think he should just stay where he is

  • snuggle

    Flair hasn’t been on tna television in about a month. I may be jumping the gun, but I would say that Flair may be working on a contract with wwe.

    • Dangerous Lee

      Yea, that’s what it says in this article…..

      • Hillbilly Jim

        Beat Mr. Flair will be in the crowd, just like when razor came out in the mall…,..

  • Patrick_Peralta

    when he does return I'd like to see him Replace Big Johnny as Raw and SD GM or at least do the co- GM as he did with Vince and all so been done with Austin and Bischoff.

    • H.M.

      Agreed Patrick.

      Flair might find a good niche as a GM for Raw IF he does return tonight.

  • matt

    we want flair

  • Guzzie1984

    Send him to florida to show the enhancement talent what happens wen u blow all the success and become a laughing stock

  • Guzzie1984

    Send him to Florida to show the enhancement talent what happens when you blow all the success and become a laughing stock

  • Chris

    All I have to say is RETIRE!

  • Joe Dog

    The perfect GM for Raw…. And Arn Anderson could be his second…He could develop the NEW 4 HORSEMEN…Who do you think they will be?

    • Matt Scott

      That would be terrible.