Ric Flair Speaks To Headline News About Jerry Lawler - "He's Better Than 70% Of The Guys They Have On The Show That Are 30 Years Younger"

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Ric Flair spoke to Headline News earlier today to give his thoughts about Jerry Lawler and his heart attack that he sustained last night. You can watch and listen the video in its entirety below:

  • Joey

    I'm sorry abot this, but I really believe (especially after last night) that Jerry, Ric, and countless others should really stop doing this, and should've stopped awhile ago. Last night was just too close of a call and blatant indication that wrestlers beyond the age of 55 shouldn't be doing this. Last night really had me gripping my armrest, more interested in the updates from Cole than anything else. I love Jerry and respect his passion for what he does, but I pray that he stops after how horrific and traumatising last night was for everyone involved. Family, friends, fans, and even importantly, himself. Get well soon King.

    • Anand

      Cant disagree more. Legends are Legends and we love to see them in the ring. But, that should be limited to a couple of safe and harmless moves to get the crowd going and that should be it…

      What WWE did with legends up on the way to 1000th RAW was fine. one or two min matches should be enough to bring back nostalgia for guys like us..

      No 10 min matches as mainevent esp. inside a cell…

      C'mon Jerry – the WWE universe is missing you.. come back soon…

  • Joey

    I do agree with you in the way legends were used on RAW 1000 and maybe that's how they should be used. It's entirely up to the wrestler's themselves with and I'm not saying I hate seeing legends in the ring, I just don't want another incdent like last night. That was so scary how it reminded me of Owen's incident. Ultimately' this decision is down to Jerry' and no other, and I think the King is smaty enough to make a decision that will be for what's most important, his well-being.

  • Michael Reilly

    I agree longer matches are just too much but I think if they have any sort of insurance for bein injured in the ring they won’t be willing to insure the king goes in the ring again incase god forbid it happens again

  • Braddock

    flair is out of his mind, and has been for the last twenty years. He still thinks it's 1985 and that he matters. He doesn't. I guarantee you that if you asked someone why they say "woo!" whenever anyone does a chop, they would have no idea that it was because flair said it.

  • havoc525

    Got to admit, this makes me think of Ricky Steamboat a little. He came back and worked a couple matches, then had his issues. When you reach a certain, especially if you’ve had health issues in the past, you need to be on guard that any fall could be your last.

  • Phill

    People should be able to retire when they want, especially doing a job they love.
    Clearly if a health concern is discovered then they should take the advice of the doctors… but yknow life is a RISK. I'd rather die doing the thing I loved then sat at home watching daytime TV.

    PS – Ric Flair is always relevant, he's one of the greatest wrestlers to ever live. WOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • Darren S

    i think what you all need to relize is jerry wrestled a few matchs a week on the indie circuit he has had no previous health issues so there wasnt a concern of anything like this happening to him he works 1 day a week for wwe unless there is a ppv then he works 2 days or so