Ric Flair Won't Attend NFL Playoff Game, Received Death Threats

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Ric Flair's agent announced on Thursday he will not attend the San Francisco 49ers at Carolina Panthers NFL Playoff game on Sunday. Flair's agent notes he's received death threats over WWE sending him to Green Bay for the pre-game speech to the 49ers last weekend. You can read the official statement from Flair's camp at this link.

As we reported on Wednesday here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com, the deal of Flair speaking to the 49ers was setup between the team and WWE. WWE currently has a great relationship with 49ers Owner and CEO Jed York after a deal was reached to bring Wrestlemania 31 to Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California next year.

  • Patrick

    proof there are still morons out in the world…..I mean really sending death threats? that’s a bit much.. hello football is a Game no need to take it so seriously.

    • Mysterion

      My girlfriend often tells me Manchester United are just a team playing just a game. While she’s right it doesn’t stop me screaming obscenities at the TV screen every time they play. It may only be a gas but a lot of us take sport very seriously. Just because you don’t don’t assume no one should.

  • Tom

    Well you know… there’s something to be said about the idiots in the bible belt.. I haven’t met a single person from North or South Carolina that I can honestly say I like.

    Here’s to the 49ers beating the holy hell out of Carolina this weekend simply so these mouth breathers don’t get what they want.

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    Death threats? Seriously?

    I read a post on Facebook today how someone had stolen a kids bike, and the neighbors chipped in and bought her a new bike for Christmas which I thought was absolutely amazing.

    Then I see this, and it just goes to *Non-PG like words* kind of people there are in the world.

    Come on people. Grow up.

  • deaN

    The sad thing is that the individuals who send “death threats” over the internet are too ignorant to know that it is a crime just as if they sent Flair a death threat by mail, phone , or in person.

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      Welcome to the majority of the internet. (Just a guess lol – 70% insults, 5% websites with people like this one who can have a genuine chat, 25% cat videos)

  • Bob’s Diner

    WWE should now send Rick Steamboat to the Carolina Panthers to give them a pep talk

  • Josh Melton

    Stupid Americans

    • Rich

      As an American, can I say that not all of us are complete psychopaths?

  • John

    It was 49ers Defensive End Justin Smith that requested Ric Flair meet with the team… Why report that WWE set it up? That’s not true.

  • Clint

    wow, he deseerves ridule but not death threats

    • Mysterion

      Hell yea. Ridule him all day long!

  • Avalanchian

    That is what happens when you sellout. Sports people take their stuff serious.